Can I say something instead of Hey Siri?

Can I say something instead of Hey Siri?

Can I say something instead of Hey Siri?

The answer is no. Unfortunately, you cannot change Siri's name to Jarvis or anything else. Apple made Siri the entity it is, and the company has not allowed for customizations to let you change the assistant's name.

What happens if you say hey Siri 17?

According to the Siri user guide, iPhones automatically call the local emergency number no matter what emergency number you say. ... However, if there isn't an emergency and you're just telling Siri “17” — which is the emergency number for a small region in France — you're wasting a lot of people's time.

Does Hey Siri always drain battery?

This feature is an unnecessary battery drain if you don't really use it, mostly because your iPhone will be listening for “Hey Siri” all the time. To turn it off, go to Settings > Siri & Search and turn Listen for “Hey Siri” off.

Can you use Siri without Hey Siri?

With watchOS 5 and later and Apple Watch Series 3 or later, you don't need to say "Hey Siri.” Just hold your watch near your mouth and say what you need.

How do I change Siri voice command?

Go to Settings > Siri & Search, then do any of the following:

  1. Change the voice for Siri: (not available in all languages) Tap Siri Voice, then choose a different variety or voice.
  2. Change when Siri provides voice responses: Tap Siri Responses, then choose an option below Spoken Responses.

What happens if you call 17?

Well, if you haven't already tried it, you'll be fascinated to know that saying 17 to Siri actually phones the emergency services, handy if you're in a bit of a pickle. ... The reason for Siri phoning the emergency services is because 17 is the emergency phone number in several countries.

Is 17 an emergency number?

Police - 17; Ambulance - 15; Fire - 18. Royal gendarmerie - 177; Drugs & alcohol service - 113; Racial discrimination hotline - 114; Non-emergency disturbances - 110; General information - 160; National Freeway call center - 5050; Mobile phones - 112.

Is it true that Siri is listening at all times?

  • So, it’s not really listening at all times. The iPhone can only hold a small amount of audio, and it only records what happens after it is triggered by the “Hey, Siri” command. The recording is sent to Apple, but it is connected to an anonymous number.

Can you use Hey Siri on more than one device?

  • If some are using older software, multiple devices might respond to ”Hey Siri.” On each device that you want to use with ”Hey Siri,” make sure that ”Hey Siri” is turned on in Siri settings. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can place it face down so that it doesn't respond to ”Hey Siri.”

How do I Turn on Hey Siri on my Mac?

  • If you have a HomePod, you can say ”Hey Siri, turn off Hey Siri,” or use the Home app to turn off Listen for "Hey Siri.” To turn it back on, touch and hold the top of HomePod, then say ”Turn on Hey Siri.” If you have a Mac that supports ”Hey Siri,” you can close its lid...

Do you have to say Hey Siri to Alexa?

  • You don’t have to say “Hey Alexa,” Cortana just dumped the “Hey,” and it’s time for Apple to do the same with Siri, too. Here’s the deal: When you issue commands to a voice assistant like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Cortana, you need to speak a trigger word to start the interaction.

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