Is the Amazing Johnathan really sick?

Is the Amazing Johnathan really sick?

Is the Amazing Johnathan really sick?

Personal life. In March 2007 it was reported that Szeles was diagnosed with "a serious heart condition". The performer's website identified the condition as cardiomyopathy and went on to assert that, due to a combination of weight loss and blood thinners, he was doing well.

How old is the Amazing Johnathan?

63 years (Septem) The Amazing Johnathan/Age

Where is The Amazing Johnathan from?

Detroit, Michigan, United States The Amazing Johnathan/Place of birth

Did Simon Chinn produce the Amazing Johnathan documentary?

Louis Theroux on The Amazing Johnathan Documentary: in conversation with director Benjamin Berman and producer Simon Chinn. In terms of production, few documentaries are met with as much chaos, confusion and downright comedy as Benjamin Berman's The Amazing Johnathan Documentary – yet come out all the better for it.

Did Amazing Johnathan pass away?

But after three years of waiting to die at home, the Amazing Johnathan was still alive and desperate to return to the stage.

Is the Amazing Johnathan Still Alive 2020?

Today, nearly five years after Szeles on-stage bombshell, the magician is alive, though, as Berman told Decider, “certainly not well.” “Johnathan's here in LA doing press,” Berman said, “and he's going to be promoting the movie. He lives, man.

Is Amazing Johnathan documentary real?

Ben Berman I wasn't contriving too many things. It's not a fake documentary; it's not a mock documentary. It is a real documentary.

Who produced the Amazing Johnathan documentary?

Ben Berman Jacob PerlinAmanda MarshallMiranda BaileyRussell Wayne Groves The Amazing Johnathan Documentary/Producers

Who is Psychic Tanya?

Psychic Tanya, played by Penny Wiggins, and The Amazing Johnathan appear Monday, Jan.

How many documentaries are there on the Amazing Johnathan?

Two Very Different Documentaries Are Being Released on Comedy Magician The Amazing Jonathan.

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