What does an admission counselor do?

What does an admission counselor do?

What does an admission counselor do?

What Do Admissions Counselors Do? As an admissions counselor, you recruit prospective students to your college or university. Your job duties include attending college fairs, guiding high school and other prospective students on campus tours, and developing programs to aid recruitment.

Do admissions counselors read applications?

Admissions officers are responsible for reading thousands of applications over the course of several months and will often review an application file at various times, so summary cards are essential for allowing a quick scan of an application and refreshing their memories. Note-taking is also essential.

Should I meet with an admissions counselor?

Jobs, internships, and many many more. Meeting with an admissions counselor now is a chance to practice and perfect your interview skills, tricks and overall strategy. As a matter of fact, you can even ask the admissions counselor what the interview process is like for that school. It can help you prepare.

Do admissions officers decide?

The admissions officers that process applications for a given applications cycle are often referred to as the admissions committee (adcom). Collectively, they decide whether to accept, reject, or waitlist students for admission to the school in question.

How much money does an admissions counselor make?

The average admissions counselor salary is $36,437 per year, or $17.52 per hour, in the United States. People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $30,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $43,000. As most things go, location can be critical.

Do admissions counselors make decisions?

Each admissions counselor is under pressure to make a certain number of application decisions each day. With fewer admissions staff to “read” applications, less reading actually gets done in the process of making a decision.

Who reads your college application?

College Application Essays are read by members of the admissions committee, usually called admissions officers.

What to say when meeting with an admissions counselor?

After the meeting, send a brief email thanking them for their time. Remind the officer of your serious interest in the school and let them know you are looking forward to their decision. Should they need any other materials or information from you, tell them you are happy to oblige. Send the email and wait patiently.

Why would you contact an admissions counselor?

They help facilitate the admissions process and distill the college search process into as few steps as possible for students. Admissions counselors often do the following: Meet with families on campus. Communicate with students via text, email and phone calls.

Is it good to be a college admissions counselor?

  • It can be a rewarding entry-level position working with prospective students, helping them make life-changing decisions. That said, there can also be some drawbacks to the role. The job of a college admissions counselor can be stressful and cause burnout.

How are Admissions Counselors under pressure to make decisions?

  • In an economic crisis where budgets and staffing in every department are being slashed, colleges must do more with fewer people. There are two ways in which they do this: 1. Each admissions counselor is under pressure to make a certain number of application decisions each day.

Should you contact Admissions officers during the application process?

  • At that time you should have made every effort to present yourself as fully and as positively as possible. Left undisturbed, the admissions officers will do justice to what you have offered. Let the professionals do their job. Should prospective students contact admissions officers during the application process? Sure.

What should I know about the college admissions officer?

  • Many schools track your and/or your parents' communication with that college, and even if they don't actively track your interest, admissions officers still take notes. Even on the phone with administrators, make sure you present yourself the way you want to be viewed by your application reader. This one is good life advice in general: Be nice. 2.

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