Do Leon and Violetta end up together?

Do Leon and Violetta end up together?

Do Leon and Violetta end up together?

When Leon finally kisses her, everything changes for Violetta and she decides to pursue her feelings for him. ... However, Violetta later realizes that Leon is the one she truly loves and they eventually end up together; overcoming all the obstacles thrown at them.

How old is Leon from Violetta?

Age 19
Full NameLeón Vargas
Nickname(s)Lion (by Ludmila) Mozart (by Ludmila) Leonsito (by Ludmila and Diego) My love (by Violetta Castillo) Leo (by Violetta Castillo)
Date of BirthDecem (Age 19)

Who is Violetta husband?

At 14, Afanasieva debuted her hula-hoops act in Russia. She began skating with Holiday on Ice, where she met her future pairs partner and future husband, Pete Dack — a Canadian ice skater. BE

Who does Leon end up with in Violetta?

León and Violetta eventually found out about Gery and Alex's plan and they felt bad for staying separated despite loving each other. They both composed a song called "Abrázame Y Verás" and sang it together. At the end of season three, León and Violetta promised to always love each other and ended up together.

How old are the characters in Violetta?

Clara Alonso is the same age as the rest of the cast that act as studio kids. Martina Stoessel was 14 when the show started, while the rest of the cast was 18 and up. Angie and Diego were actually dating in real life till 2018.

Who is Violetta dating 2020?

Violetta Komyshan is a ballet dancer and social media influencer known as the girlfriend of actor Ansel Elgort. She is also a fitness instructor and teaches her followers how to dance ballet. Violetta and Ansel have been together since they were in high school. BE

How did Leon and Violetta meet in Leonetta?

  • Leonetta ( Leon and Viol/ etta) is the romantic pairing between León and Violetta . They first met when Leon saved Violetta from colliding with some skater kids. At first, he tells Andres that he is going to win Violetta over to get revenge from Tomas, but he actually falls in love with her.

Who is Violetta dreaming of getting married to?

  • Violetta once dreamt she was getting married to León. Both León and Violetta are immensely in love with each other. They both composed " Abrázame Y Verás " for each other.

Who was the real love of Violetta's life?

  • When León and Violetta shared a kiss, Violetta was willing to give him a chance. But since Violetta still had feelings for Tomás, she was really confused and didn't really know who she wanted to be with. Nevertheless, Violetta realized her true love was León and ended up with him.

Why did Leon and Violetta break up Season 2?

  • At the end of season two, León and Violetta confessed their endless love for each other and got back together. Things started to complicate between León and Violetta and they decided to break up. However, Violetta realized that she needed León and couldn't live without him.

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