Who is the voice of the outsider?

Who is the voice of the outsider?

Who is the voice of the outsider?

Robin Lord Taylor The Outsider (Dishonored)
The Outsider
First appearanceDishonored (2012)
Last appearanceDeath of the Outsider (2017)
Created byArkane Studios
Voiced byBilly Lush (Dishonored) Robin Lord Taylor (Dishonored 2, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider)

Why does Billie Lurk have her arm?

After being cast out of the Whalers, Billie lost her abilities until Death of the Outsider. There, she was visited by the Outsider who, instead of offering her his mark, replaced her arm and eye with mystical artifacts that draw power directly from the Void.

How did the outsider become a god?

He was then restrained to a sacred Altar in a deeper layer caled the Ritual Hold by the cultists. There, they slit his throat with the Twin-bladed Knife and he "merged in part with the Void". A spiritual image of him was turned into the god-like being known as the Outsider, an inhabitant of the Void.

What happens if you reject the mark of the outsider?

The Outsider rules. But seriously, if you do refuse the mark and play without any supernatural abilities, then you will receive the coveted and well-named 'Flesh and Steel' Achievement. If you're really looking for creating nearly impossible goals for yourself - combine this with either a Merciful or Ghost playthrough.

Why did they change the voice of the outsider?

The change was chalked up to scheduling difficulties, but Lush took to Reddit to refute this, telling users that he "got the axe" instead. "My schedule was wide open," he wrote in an impromptu Ask Me Anything session over the summer. "I never got the call. I never got an explanation."

What is the outsider name?

Mark In Death of the Outsider, the Mark is revealed to be the Outsider's real name, written in a language only the dead can read.

How does Billie Lurk have her arm in death of the outsider?

The Black Shard Arm replaces Billie Lurk's right forearm with a construct of the Void. Made of voidrite, it is a unique gift from the Outsider, given to her after she rescues Daud from the Eyeless Gang.

How does Billie lurk get her arm back?

So, of course in Dishonored 2 I play completely low chaos, and after a crack in the slab Billie gets her arm back, as well as her eye. ... That is even if the actual story of 'Death of the Outsider' is going to be considered canon, as it could be just the portrayal of one possible future that spurred from Dishonored 2.

Do you get powers in death of the outsider?

Once you complete The Death of the Outsider, you unlock Original Game Plus, which grants you Blink and a couple other classic powers from the first two games for subsequent playthroughs.

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