WHO adopted Betsy on Private Practice?

WHO adopted Betsy on Private Practice?

WHO adopted Betsy on Private Practice?

Naomi Bennett Betsey Parker-Bennett is the daughter of the late Dell Parker and Heather Parker. After her parents death she was adopted by Naomi Bennett and later her husband, Sam Bennett. Dink Davis - Adoptive brother in law.

What happens to Dell's daughter Betsy?

Dell's Death Betsey was then left orphaned after the accident, ending up with Aunt Monica.

What happens to Betsy when Del dies?

Dell's addict ex dies, leaving him to console their child. Dell dies in a terrible car crash, leaving his daughter an orphan. ... Betsy's dad dies. Betsy has to go into foster care, because all of the characters on “Private Practice” are too busy humping each other and being punished for it by Shonda Rimes to take her in. BE

Does Pete get full custody of Lucas?

In the end both surgeries are a success and Violet later awakens, asking for her baby. A month after being rescued, Violet is still trying to recover from her trauma. Pete lives with her and takes care of her and baby Lucas.

What happened to Maya in Private Practice?

At the very end of the series, Maya was accepted to her dream college, Columbia University, and her mom, Naomi moved to NYC to help take care of her granddaughter, Olivia, while Maya attended school. ... In real life, actress Geffri similarly went to college after wrapping her time on Private Practice. BE

Does Pete and Violet get custody of Lucas?

After he was born, his mother had trouble bonding with him, so she gave him to his father, who then raised him for most of his first year. After Violet got treatment and started to feel like she could be a good mother, they began to share custody and then got married shortly thereafter.

Does Violet sue Pete for custody?

After she slept with Addison's father, Pete gave up on her. After a few months, Violet returned from her trip from Costa Rica healthy and she sued for partial custody of Lucas.

Who is taking care of Betsy on private practice?

  • Everyone at the practice is brought to a halt when Betsy's aunt, who has been taking care of her since Dell's death, shows up and leaves Betsy in Violet's care. Violet takes Betsy in for the night, and is happy to find that Betsy and Lucas bond pretty well.

Why did Pete tell Lisa about Violet's baby?

  • As Pete's relationship grew more serious with Lisa, he told her about Violet's baby. She asked him to figure out what he wanted and eventually, he decided to leave her and tell Violet but before he informed Violet, Sheldon proposed to her.

How did Violet get a book deal in private practice?

  • Violet gets a book deal, the details of which offend her friends and colleagues. Pete's past catches up with her when his brother comes to him telling him that their mother (who is in prison) needs his help. Violet pushes Pete to help his mother and through Pete's interaction with his mother details of his childhood are revealed.

Who was Violet married to in Grey's Anatomy?

  • She was married to Pete Wilder until his death and together they have a son, Lucas . During her freshman year of college, Violet was raped when a man broke into her dorm and helped through it by her best friend Kara Wei, Violet helped Kara through her problem of accidentally killing her abusive mother.

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