How effective is taking a virginity pledge as a means of reducing teenage pregnancies?

How effective is taking a virginity pledge as a means of reducing teenage pregnancies?

How effective is taking a virginity pledge as a means of reducing teenage pregnancies?

Over the past decade, a number of academic studies have examined the trend to gauge whether taking pledges has encouraged teens to delay sex and resulted in lower rates of pregnancy and STDs. ... The study found that pledgers were just as likely to get STDs as those who never made a pledge of virginity.

What are abstinence vows?

A vow of abstinence was an oath made by an individual to abstain from sex. It was a religious practice among the Cult of the Pah-wraiths.

Can I buy myself a purity ring?

If you would like to wear a ring to symbolize your commitment to waiting for "the one" before having sex, you could always buy yourself one. If rings aren't for you, there are also purity bracelets and necklaces.

How effective is virginity pledge?

Teens are having less sex, and that's good news for pregnancy-and STD-prevention. ... As of 2002, about one in eight teens, or 12 percent, pledged to be sexually abstinent until marriage. Some studies have found that taking virginity pledges does indeed lead teens to delay sex and have fewer overall sex partners.

What does abstinence do spiritually?

The Gifts of Abstinence Abstention is said to free us from earthly distractions so we can devote ourselves more fully to spiritual transcendence. It is said to move us toward a nondual, genderless state that promotes a profound sense of relationship and intimacy with all beings, not just a select few.

What are the types of abstinence?

Types of abstinence

  • Drugs.
  • Food.
  • Tobacco smoking.
  • Alcohol.
  • Pleasure.
  • Sexual abstinence.
  • Caffeine.
  • Organizations.

Can I wear purity ring?

While young people are most likely to wear purity rings, anyone of any age who is committed to purity can wear this type of ring. Most people who wear purity rings do so for religious reasons. Many proponents of the purity ring movement are Christian-based groups. ... Both males and females can wear purity rings.

Why do you need to take an abstinence pledge?

  • Students are encouraged to take these pledges in order to both reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections and to prevent unintended pregnancies. As it turns out, however, abstinence pledges don’t necessarily accomplish either one of these things.

Are there any unintended consequences of purity pledges?

  • The Unintended Consequences of Purity Pledges. A new study suggests teens who vow to be sexually abstinent until marriage—and then break that vow—are more likely to wind up pregnant than those who never took the pledge to begin with. Teen birth and pregnancy rates have been in a free fall, and there are a few commonly held explanations why.

Is it safe for men to take virginity pledges?

  • Whether the same could be said of men who do and don't take virginity pledges remains unclear because they were not considered in this study. Also, it’s important to note that virginity pledges probably don't increase the risk of STIs and unintended pregnancies for everyone.

How does abstinence only sex education affect women?

  • “Abstinence-only sex education policy is widespread at the state and local levels and may return at the federal level, and this policy approach may be contributing to the decreased sexual and reproductive health of girls and young women.” That doesn’t mean that people who have a genuine motivation to save themselves for marriage shouldn’t do so.

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