Does Xbox delete inactive accounts?

Does Xbox delete inactive accounts?

Does Xbox delete inactive accounts?

Usually when an account is inactive for 5 years it is deleted. However, the gamer tag may not be released at that time. Also some people make accounts sign into and never play a game so the account is active.

Does Xbox delete your account?

After 60 days, the account will be permanently removed, during which time the account can be reactivated by signing back in. Once 60 days have passed, access to all services that require the associated Microsoft account email address and password, including downloaded content, games and applications will be lost.

Does Microsoft delete unused accounts?

Microsoft updated its Support page, clarifying that accounts that will not be used for more than two years will be deleted by the company. To not lose your account, users have to log in at least once in two years to continue having access to it.

Do Xbox accounts expire?

Xbox Live and other Microsoft accounts will soon be closed after 2 years of inactivity. ... So if you just use your Microsoft account for an annual subscription to Xbox Live or Microsoft Office or something like that, you're good. You don't need to meticulously catalog your account activity.

Did Microsoft delete my old Xbox account?

The mass deletion will take place on Aug, and the main targets are accounts that have been inactive for the past two years. This means that if you haven't logged in since Aug, then you might want to pay your Xbox account a visit.

Can you have multiple Xbox One accounts?

Microsoft executives confirmed with Polygon after the Xbox One announcement on Tuesday that multiple accounts can be used on the same console, and that multiple users can share the same account.

How do I delete my Xbox Live account without deleting my Microsoft account?

It will not actually be possible to reset your accounts Xbox achievements and all without deleting your Microsoft account. If you would like to start over you would need to create a new Microsoft account so that you can then register it with Xbox.

Does Microsoft delete inactive email accounts?

After 365 days of inactivity, your email will be deleted and cannot be recovered. After 5 years of inactivity, your Microsoft account will be deleted and cannot be recovered. 2.

Can a Microsoft account expire?

Your Microsoft account will continue to remain active for so long as you have an active Microsoft subscription associated with your Microsoft account. Following the expiration or termination of the subscription, you must sign in to your Microsoft account at least once in a two-year period to keep your account active.

How long does Xbox Live account last?

Frequently Asked Questions
Token says…You get…
3 months of Gold50 days of Ultimate (1+ month)
6 months of Gold79 days of Ultimate (2+ months)
12 months of Gold4 months of Ultimate
24 months of Gold8 months of Ultimate

When does value we added expire on Xbox One?

  • This value we added is promotional and will remain in your Microsoft account through J. However, the currency you purchase and add to your account will not expire.

When does the money in your Microsoft account expire?

  • The money you put on your account will never expire period. Your account balance does expire if they were from prepaid cards not sure why. If you login to your Microsoft account it will tell you when each amount will expire it is normally a year.

What happens to the money you put in your Xbox account?

  • The money you put on your account will never expire period. 1: Money from when they converted Microsoft points to real money, as when this was done they rounded up your account balance giving most people more money then they had. They stated this when it first happend. 2: If the money is from a promotional winnings / promotional events.

When does the money you get for Xbox points expire?

  • Money given for free such as xbox rewards does expire after 12 months, you can see how much is due to expire on Any money you purchased yourself, including pre-paid points cards have no expiry.

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