What kind of questions will CPS ask me?

What kind of questions will CPS ask me?

What kind of questions will CPS ask me?

The caseworker will ask questions about neglect. These questions will evaluate whether your child has suffered any maltreatment, hunger, environmental or medical neglect. The caseworker will assess if there is food available to the child and if that food is nutritious.

What kind of questions will social services ask my child?

What questions will a social worker ask my child?

  • How are you? This question is a common opening question to build rapport with the child. ...
  • What do you feel about mummy/daddy? ...
  • Has mummy or daddy ever done something you don't like? ...
  • 7 things I wish social work in university taught me.

How does CPS determine abuse?

CPS must assess or investigate all reports of alleged child abuse or neglect that meet the definitions of child abuse or neglect. ... When CPS receives a report (a “referral,” in CPS's lingo), it decides whether the report is too serious to be handled on a track called Family Assessment Response (FAR).

What can you not tell CPS?

The CPS investigator cannot tell you who made the abuse or neglect allegation. However, they can and should tell you what the allegations are and what the report said. If anything is unclear, ask for more details. Ask questions, but don't react aggressively, no matter how troubling the allegations against you are.

How does a social worker interview a child?

Usually they will start by introducing themselves and explaining their role. They will probably talk about school, your child's favourite things to do etc, and then about what the child would do and who they would talk to if they were worried about something. The social worker will not want to upset your child.

What are the 4 types of child neglect?

  • What is Neglect? ...
  • Types of Child Neglect.
  • Physical Neglect. ...
  • Educational Neglect. ...
  • Emotional Neglect. ...
  • Medical Neglect. ...
  • What You Can Do to Help.

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