Do most golfers use stiff or regular shafts?

Do most golfers use stiff or regular shafts?

Do most golfers use stiff or regular shafts?

One of the most important choices you have to make when buying golf clubs is which shaft flex to use, with 80% of golfers being suited to either regular or stiff shafts.Raj. 17, 1442 AH

What swing speed requires a stiff shaft?

between 95-100 mph Players with swing speeds between 95-100 mph tend to gravitate towards stiff shafts, with 105 mph being the point at which some players begin to use x-stiff (extra stiff) shafts, particularly in their drivers.

Who should use a stiff golf shaft?

Who benefits from a stiff shaft? A good tip for working out what flex you need is the 150-yard test. If you can hit an 8- or 9-iron 150 yards, comfortably, then a stiff shaft is for you. This means that you will have a driver swing speed of around 100 mph and you will see the benefits of a stiff shaft.

Does the average golfer need stiff shafts?

If you hit the ball longer than that, say 225-250 yards, you should probably choose regular shafts. Anything more than 250 yards, stiff shafts are for you. Unless you are a huge hitter and average about 300 yards on your drives, stay away from Extra-stiff shafts.

Do any pros use regular flex shafts?

Kramer's 2006 “Golf Magazine” article cites a survey showing that just 2 percent of PGA Tour players and 10 percent of PGA Champions Tour players used regular flex shafts in their irons. ... But casual golfers, whose swing speeds tend to be lower, are more likely to benefit from a regular flex shaft.

Should a high handicapper use a stiff shaft?

Most high-handicappers (especially men) tend to over-swing. If this describes you (and you know who you are), you should consider a softer flex to help you slow your swing down. Slowing down the swing will certainly produce more accurate shots and better distance control.Jum. AH

What happens if golf shaft is too stiff?

A shaft that is too stiff will absorb the force of the swing, which affects the timing of the transference of energy from the club to the ball at impact. The ball tends to fly lower, which impacts distance. ... If a player has a faster swing speed, they can actually benefit from a golf shaft that is a bit stiffer.Saf. 24, 1442 AH

Will I lose distance with a stiff shaft?

If the shaft flex is too stiff, your average distance will remain low. If you are struggling with a slice, it is highly likely you are using stiff club shafts. By figuring out the most common type of shot you are playing, it becomes easier to know whether you need a softer shaft.Rab. I 23, 1438 AH

Should a beginner golfer use a stiff shaft?

If you are reasonably fit young man then stiff should be fine. Yeah with a super duper full fitting you can find a shaft and weight that will eek out 5 more yards and be arguably more accurate but in reality you can learn to swing and play to a decent level with any set of clubs.Rab. I 11, 1437 AH

When should you use a stiff shaft golf club?

If you're swinging the driver above 105 mph, it might be time to get some X stiff shafts in your set. Stiff – This range is still considered fast, but you most likely won't be out on Tour anytime soon. If you're between mph with the driver, you need a stiff flex.Shaw. 20, 1441 AH

Why do golf pros use stiff golf shafts?

  • Golf pros tend to have slightly higher swing speeds than average or even advanced players, and therefore, their shafts have a propensity to be a bit more stiff. This is because these shafts are usually custom engineered to a player’s swing.

When do you use an extra stiff shaft?

  • Extra stiff shafts are typically considered to be for better players, lower handicaps. This means that the majority of the models are blades or tour preferred irons. Do all pros use extra stiff shafts?

What are the advantages of a stiff shaft iron?

  • The United States Golf Teachers Federation states that a player with a fast swing tempo and/or a short backswing will play better with stiff shafts. Senior pros Tom Watson and Lanny Wadkins are examples of players with such swings. Stiff shafts will allow you to better control your irons without sacrificing much distance. Better Short Game Control

What are the different types of flex shafts?

  • The five most common shaft flex options are Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff. Each company has their idea of what a stiff flex shaft is. So a Callaway stiff flex iron may be different than a Titleist stiff flex. What swing speed requires a stiff shaft? Most golfers have their swing speed measured using their driver.

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