Do a good job of something meaning?

Do a good job of something meaning?

Do a good job of something meaning?

If you say that someone is doing a good job, you mean that they are doing something well. In British English, you can also say that they are making a good job of something. We could do a far better job of managing it than they have. [ + of] You've done a fine job with Billy and Joey.

Do a good job of or on?

Use “on” 90% of the time. “On” tells us what you did a good job on. “In” can tell us where or when you did a good job. (In this answer, I'll treat “good job,” “good work,” “great job,” and “great work,” as the same word.

Do a good job idioms?

To perform a task well. I must have done a good job on my research paper because I got an A+! Please go clean your room.

Did a great job of or at?

You did a good job by answering my question. You can use by if you want to say that you did this good job you because of or by answering my question. You are good at answering questions. You can only use at to describe skill or something someone's good at.

How do you say you are doing a great job?

For a job well done

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