Do Zhu Zhu Pets need batteries?

Do Zhu Zhu Pets need batteries?

Do Zhu Zhu Pets need batteries?

To access the battery, you must remove the motor assembly from the Zhu Zhu pet. ... Now you can replace the battery. Put everything back together and you are home free.

How do you turn off a Zhu Zhu pet?

Push the top of the Zhu Zhu Pet's head to turn off "Explore" mode. This prevents the pet from moving around. Press the center of the pet's back to put it to sleep. The Zhu Zhu Pet will yawn and enter its inactivity mode.

How do Zhu Zhu pets work?

Press your Zhu's nose to hear it talk. Press or pet your Zhu's head to hear it coo and chirp. Press your Zhu's back to make it scurry around and explore....

  1. The hamsters are designed to act randomly and unpredictably. ...
  2. If the hamster flips over in the ball simply turn the ball and flip him back.

What batteries do Zuzu pets use?

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Sophie is made for kids aged 4+. 2 x AAA batteries included.

Are Zhu Zhu pets still being made?

Smart, unpredictable, battery-powered hamsters are set to hit stores again this fall as Cepia re-launches its Zhu Zhu Pets toys. Zhu Zhu Pets were a hot gift item when introduced for the 2009 holiday season, but Cepia says that demand that still exists for the toy line, which was discontinued in 2012.

How do you get Zhu Zhu pets to move?

Each Zhu can run and scurry around – just like real hamsters. Place your furry friend on the floor and press the button on their back. Your Zhu will take off, running and moving around.

Can a ZhuZhu pet be a sleep toy?

  • Not a Sleep toy: Zhus are not designed to be sleep toys. Zhus have their own beds and habitats to sleep in. (If your child insists on sleeping with their Zhu remove the batteries before your child takes it to bed.) Zhus are for People: Zhus like to play with people.

Can you keep a Zhu hamster as a pet?

  • Zhus are not pet toys. Keep Zhus away from your other animals. Do not sleep with your Zhu. They have their own beds, habitats and homes. Do not let a Zhu hamster or character get wet. (If a Zhu gets wet, remove the batteries and let air dry overnight.)

What's the best way to play with a Zhu?

  • Zhus like to be played with on flat surfaces, in habitats, add-ons, vehicles, tubes and other Zhu products. Do not play with Zhus on grass, sand, dirt or carpet. Zhus are not pet toys. Keep Zhus away from your other animals.

What should I do if my ZhuZhu gets wet?

  • Be careful with your Zhus around pets and other animals. Keep Dry: Zhus should not be dowsed or submerged in water or other liquid. Spot clean the Zhus. If a Zhu does get wet, remove the batteries and let it air-dry overnight.

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