What holidays do Zoroastrians celebrate?

What holidays do Zoroastrians celebrate?

What holidays do Zoroastrians celebrate?

These six days are respectively:

  • Jashan of Bahman, celebrating animal creation. ...
  • Jashan of Ardavisht, celebrating fire and all other luminaries. ...
  • Jashan of Shahrevar, celebrating metals and minerals. ...
  • Jashan of Spendarmad, celebrating the earth. ...
  • Jashan of (K)Hordad, celebrating the waters.

What is forbidden in Zoroastrianism?

Wearing eyeglasses, long cloak, trousers, hat, boots, socks, winding their turbans tightly and neatly, carrying watch or a ring, were all forbidden to Zoroastrians.

Which is older Judaism or Zoroastrianism?

Sometimes called the official religion of ancient Persia, Zoroastrianism is one of the world's oldest surviving religions, with teachings older than Buddhism, older than Judaism, and far older than Christianity or Islam. Zoroastrianism is thought to have arisen “in the late second millennium B.C.E.

What language do Zoroastrians speak?

Dari Zoroastrian Dari language
Native toCentral Iran
RegionYazd and Kerman
Native speakers8,000–15,000 (1999)
Language familyIndo-European Indo-Iranian Iranian Western Northwestern II Tatic Kermanic/Central Plateau Southeastern Dari

What is birthday of Lord Zoroaster?

Aug 23. Birthday of Lord Zoroaster (Khordad Sal)

How many holy days of obligation are Zoroastrians?

Zoroastrian festivals fall into two broad categories. There are the seven feasts of obligation, that is, No Rōz (Nowrūz) and the six gāhānbārs (gāhāmbār; q.v.), which formed the framework of the religious year, and which it was a sin not to keep; and others, which it was a merit, not a duty, to observe.

Is alcohol forbidden in Zoroastrianism?

Only members of religious minorities – Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians – are allowed to brew, distil, ferment and drink, in their homes, and trade in liquor is forbidden. Catholic priests make their own wine for Mass.

Can Zoroastrians eat fish?

Animal protein is so fundamental to the Parsi diet that even during the holy month of Bahman, when Zoroastrians are supposed to abstain from meat, they're permitted fish and eggs. Vegetables, on the other hand, are almost never eaten in isolation.

What religion is older than Zoroastrianism?

Judaism is of great antiquity as well, with an oral tradition that is also nearly four thousand years old and written texts that are older than the Sanskrit and Avestan texts of Hinduism and Zoroastrianism.

What kind of holidays do the Zoroastrians celebrate?

  • Zoroastrians celebrate a variety of holidays. Some of them celebrate points in time such as Naw-Ruz, which is their new year or celebrating solar events, such as the winter solstice. Other holidays are dedicated to particular spirits or mark historic events, notably the death of their founder, Zoroaster .

What is the day of mourning for Zoroaster?

  • This celebration is commonly known as Yalda or Shab-e Yalda. Marking the death of Zoroaster, founder of Zoroastrianism, this holiday is considered a day of mourning, and it is often marked with prayers and studies on the life of Zoroaster.

What was the name of the Persian holiday that celebrated the New Year?

  • Naw-Ruz, also spelled Nowruz as well as other variants, is an ancient Persian holiday celebrating the new year. It is one of only two festivals mentioned by Zoroaster in the Avesta, the only holy Zoroastrian scriptures written by Zoroaster himself. It is celebrated as a holy day by two religions: Zoroastrianism and the Baha'i Faith.

Which is the third variant of the Zoroastrian calendar?

  • The third variant of the Zoroastrian calendar, known as either Fasli (in India) or Bastani (in Iran), intercalcates according to Gregorian calendar rules and thus remains synchronous with the seasons. For details on the differences, see Zoroastrian calendar .

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