Do Zhu Zhu pets still exist?

Do Zhu Zhu pets still exist?

Do Zhu Zhu pets still exist?

Smart, unpredictable, battery-powered hamsters are set to hit stores again this fall as Cepia re-launches its Zhu Zhu Pets toys. Zhu Zhu Pets were a hot gift item when introduced for the 2009 holiday season, but Cepia says that demand that still exists for the toy line, which was discontinued in 2012.

How many Zuzu pets are there?

six ZhuZhu pets What kinds of ZhuZhu pets are there? There are six ZhuZhu pets, each with their own unique looks and personalities.

Are Zuzu pets valuable?

Some are found in lots from US to UK reaching fairly up to $25 or over the top $125 dollars. All V2, V3 Rockstars, Series 6, and Series 7 are listed as rare. Most Zhu Zhu Princess and Puppies are listed as rare.

How old are Zuzu pets?

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Num Nums is made for kids aged 4+....Product information.
Product Dimensions2.39 x 6 x 4 inches
Manufacturer recommended age4 - 6 years
Batteries2 AAA batteries required. (included)

When did Zoom Zoom pets come out?

T Zhu Zhu pets were first released in late 2009, and were extremely popular during the holiday season.

When did they stop making Zhu Zhu Pets?

20, a safari line called Zhufari, a line of ponies called Zhu Zhu Ponies, and four Happy meal toys were released that were based on Quest for Zhu that were only sold in some countries excluding The U.S. The franchise was quietly discontinued sometime in 2013.

How much can you sell Zuzu pets for?

However, some characters or accessories can be harder to find than others. Typical costs: Zhu Zhu Pets sell for $8-$15 each, depending on the model/character.

What year did Zuzu pets come out?

2009 T Zhu Zhu pets were first released in late 2009, and were extremely popular during the holiday season.

Can a ZhuZhu pet be a sleep toy?

  • Not a Sleep toy: Zhus are not designed to be sleep toys. Zhus have their own beds and habitats to sleep in. (If your child insists on sleeping with their Zhu remove the batteries before your child takes it to bed.) Zhus are for People: Zhus like to play with people.

Which is the most rare Zhu Zhu pet?

  • Wagon ZuZu is the only Wild-Bunch/Prototype Zhu Zhu Pet to be Ultra Rare Super Rare zhus are the most hungry for when collecting zhus for the first time, due to how most to all are foreign and almost only a tiny few were available in the US...

What's the best way to play with a ZhuZhu?

  • Keep hair, loose clothing and fingers away from them to make sure nothing gets caught, pinched or entangled. Zhus like to be played with on flat surfaces, in habitats, add-ons, vehicles, tubes and other Zhu products. Do not play with Zhus on grass, sand, dirt or carpet.

Can you keep a Zhu hamster as a pet?

  • Zhus are not pet toys. Keep Zhus away from your other animals. Do not sleep with your Zhu. They have their own beds, habitats and homes. Do not let a Zhu hamster or character get wet. (If a Zhu gets wet, remove the batteries and let air dry overnight.)

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