How much revision should a Year 11 do for mocks?

How much revision should a Year 11 do for mocks?

How much revision should a Year 11 do for mocks?

However, the headline numbers are: GCSE students (year 10 or 11) = 1.5 hours per subject per week. E.g. if they're studying 10 subjects this will be 15 hours per week. A Level students (years 12 and 13) = 4-6 hours per subject per week.

Do year 11 do mocks?

Yes mock exams will be going ahead in 2021. To ensure that pupils taking mock GCSE and A-level exams are safe, those taking National exams (predominantly Year 11s and Year 13s) are not returning to school with all other students. ... From January 11th those in Year 11 and 13 will return to in school teaching.

Do mock GCSE exams matter?

Yes, mock exam results are important because they can imbue or drain confidence. They show gaps in knowledge and understanding, and practice is essential for students to understand the entire examination process.

When should I start revising for Year 11 mocks?

You should begin revision at least six months in advance of your GCSE exams. The amount of time spent revising as well as the revision focus and dedication should increase at the three-month mark, then again at the one month mark and two-week mark.

How much should you revise for your mocks?

Rather than revising one subject for seven hours in one day , it's better to do one hour of revision for seven days. This is because the time in between allows you to forget and re-learn the information, which cements it in your long-term memory.

How many hours a day should I revise for GCSE mocks?

Instead aim for 30-45 minute sessions with short breaks in between and ideally no more than 4 hours of study per day. This way you'll have more productive bursts of revision, rather than trying to cram multiple subjects for hours on end.

Are Year 11 doing mocks 2021?

As stated on the timetable, examinations will take place between Monday 11th January and Wednesday 20th January. ... The examinations will take place instead of normal lessons.

What year do u do mocks?

Mock exams often take place in December or January for Year 11 students. They are important for a number of reasons. Firstly, they will give teachers, parents and the student themselves an idea of whether the student is on target to achieve predicted grades.

Are mocks harder than actual GCSEs?

A lot of mock papers, particularly maths and english, are the resit papers. They are harder than the regular GCSE paper with higher grade boundaries. The grade boundaries are based on how the whole country does in that subject.

Do Year 10 mock exams matter?

Year 10 mock exams are designed to prepare you for your final Year 11 exams. They will be used to inform end of Year 10 predicted grades in each subject. These exams are very important and you should revise for each subject thoroughly, before the exam takes place.

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