How common is falling in love with your best friend?

How common is falling in love with your best friend?

How common is falling in love with your best friend?

Falling in love with a friend does not happen for everyone, but it definitely can happen. It's certainly common for close friends to love one another in a platonic friendship way, but that does not mean that great friendships will always develop into romantic feelings or falling in love.

Why you need a female best friend?

Motivates You In Tough Times Girl best friend not only knows your entire secret but also motivates you in bad times. Having female friends in your life can help you get through the hard times. When you feel down for any reason, they will always be there to convince you and help you realize how much you are worth.

Can a guy and a girl be just friends?

  • With casual hook-ups on the rise and the help of on-demand online dating, the question, “Can guys and girls be just friends?” is frequently asked. Dave Matthews answers this question on point: “A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other.

Can you fall in love with your best guy friend?

  • Sometimes, it is through deep, meaningful relationships we start to fall in love. As his friend, you see his flaws; you see who he is when he’s sad and when he’s happy. Unlike guys you’ve formally dated, falling in love with your best guy friend allows you to see his vulnerable side immediately. He’s not putting on a show for you.

Can you fall for a guy at the same time?

  • Time wise, it can come in a variety of combinations. You may fall first; he may fall first; perhaps, you will fall for each other at the same time. Timing is key here. You can’t control when you will fall for each other, but the way you handle falling for him will definitely shape your relationship.

Is it bad to hook up with a guy friend?

  • Obviously, hooking up with a guy friend can and will, without a doubt, complicate your relationship if you want to continue being friends. It can put your relationship in jeopardy because you’re no longer discussing sports; you're trying to discuss where you stand. Jealousy, love and lust don’t always last.

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