Can I get Zhongli after his banner?

Can I get Zhongli after his banner?

Can I get Zhongli after his banner?

This is a banner rerun and the second time it's possible to get Zhongli. Meaning it'll take several months until his banner comes back. If you really want Zhongli, now's the time.

Can you get Zhongli after the event?

The bad news for players who failed to get their hands on him when he launched is that Zhongli is not currently available through Wishes, Genshin Impact's gacha system. ... The only chance that players have of getting these characters is if they return to the game as part of a future Banner.

How do I get Zhongli Genshin impact after banner?

A wish on any banner costs 160 Primogems, so at zero pity, these are the currency requirements for getting Zhongli: Players whose next five-star is a 50/50 will need at most 28,800 Primogems to get Zhongli. Meanwhile, players without a 50/50 need at most 14,400 Primogems to get him.

Can I still pull for Zhongli?

There is a 50% chance to pull the featured 5-star character on your first 5-star pull. If you get a different 5-star on the Gentry of Hermitage banner, your next 5-star pull is guaranteed to be Zhongli....5-Star Guarantee on Zhongli's Banner.
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Can you get Zhongli from story quest?

The version 1.5 update for Genshin Impact adds a new story quest for Zhongli. However, you do need one story key just to unlock it.

Is Zhongli limited?

Zhongli is part of the limited-time Gentry Of Heritage banner. The banner first ran back in December 2020 but returned with the 1.5 update, when you also had a chance to grab the new four-star Pyro character Genshin Impact Yanfei.

How do you unlock Zhongli?

Specifically, you'll need to reach Adventure Rank 40 or above and have completed all the quests in Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches. From there, you can then use a Story Key to unlock the quest, which you probably already know are rewards for completing the game's Daily Commissions.

How do I trigger the quest Zhongli?

In order to unlock this quest line, the player needs a Story Key and must have completed A New Star Approaches, and reached Adventure Rank 40. During the act, the Traveler helps Zhongli assists the two self-proclaimed archeologists in uncovering the true history of Havria, the God of Salt.

How do I unlock the story of Zhongli?

To get keys to unlock Story Quests, you need to complete daily commissions. A maximum of 4 daily commissions are available per day. To get a key, you'll need to complete 8 daily commissions.

What are the chances of getting Zhongli?

Genshin Impact's banner system has been consistent since its release, as it places 5-star characters at a 0.6% rate of appearance. However, when a 5-star is on a banner, their rate goes up by 1%. This places the odds of players getting Zhongli from the new banner at a 1.6% chance per wish.

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