What states have anti-bullying laws?

What states have anti-bullying laws?

What states have anti-bullying laws?

List of States, in case you don't want to use the map above…
StateIncludes Cyberbullying or Online HarassmentCriminal Sanction for Cyberbullying or Electronic Harassment
New HampshireYESNO

Do all 50 states have bullying laws?

All 50 states have anti-bullying laws. These laws often have the strongest protections for students. And they can help put an immediate stop to the bullying. A typical state anti-bullying law requires a school to report, document and investigate bullying within a specific number of days.

What year did all states have anti-bullying laws?

All fifty states in the United States have passed school anti-bullying legislation, the first being Georgia in 1999. Montana became the most recent, and last, state to adopt anti-bullying legislation in April 2015.

Does South Dakota have anti-bullying laws?

South Dakota anti-bullying laws state that no district policy prohibiting bullying may contain any protected classes of students. Schools that receive federal funding are required by federal law to address discrimination on a number of different personal characteristics.

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