How long do Virgin Atlantic miles last?

How long do Virgin Atlantic miles last?

How long do Virgin Atlantic miles last?

As we've seen during this review, Virgin Atlantic air miles expire after 36 months of non-activity on a Flying Club account. Activity is defined as either spending or earning miles on your account. BE

What will happen to Virgin air miles?

Flying Club miles have now changed to Virgin Points, which unlike currencies in other loyalty programmes, will never expire. ... The change in currency provides greater peace of mind for our members and paves the way for an expanded range of ways to earn and spend Virgin Points. BE

Will I lose Virgin points?

Effective Septem, Virgin points no longer expire. This is a positive change from the previous policy, under which your points expired after 36 months of no activity on your account. If the “Virgin points” name does not sound familiar, there's a reason for that. BE

Can I transfer my Virgin Atlantic miles to Avios?

Moving Virgin Flying Club miles to Avios points is a two stage process. You will need at least 10,000 Virgin miles to do it. 20,000 Virgin miles would get you 20,000 IHG points which gets you 4,000 Avios points. BE

Do my Virgin Velocity points expire?

Your Points expire after 24 months of account inactivity. That means no earnings or redemptions for two whole years – not a single Point in or a single Point out. BE

Can I still use my Virgin Velocity points?

As a Velocity member, you can redeem your Points for flights to some of our most popular Australian destinations, or use Points to upgrade to Business Class. We understand if you need to make changes to your existing redemption bookings or can no longer travel.

Can I spend my virgin points?

Use your Velocity Points for flights, flight upgrades, hotel stays, products, gift vouchers and more. The choice is yours.

When do Virgin Atlantic flying club miles expire?

  • Yes, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles expire if there is no activity on your account for 36 months.

How long do Virgin Air Miles last for?

  • How Long Do Virgin Air Miles Last? Whilst Virgin Atlantic Flying Club points themselves do not expire, your Flying Club account will reset to zero if there is no activity on the account for 36 months. As such there is limited chance of active collectors being caught out.

What happens when my Virgin Atlantic points expire?

  • Now that Virgin points no longer expire, you have nothing to hold you back from building up a points balance for a great redemption. Virgin Atlantic has a somewhat restricted route map, especially if you're traveling from the U.S. However, Virgin has several tie-ups with international partners.

What's the new name for Virgin Atlantic miles?

  • On Thursday, Virgin Group unveiled Virgin Red, which is the new Virgin-wide rewards club. And as the new currency is being rolled out across businesses in the Virgin Group, Virgin Atlantic is renaming its Flying Club miles to take on the name of Virgin Points. As of Thursday, your Flying Club miles are now known as Virgin Points.

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