What kind of doctor does a testicular exam?

What kind of doctor does a testicular exam?

What kind of doctor does a testicular exam?

Testicular pain, lump or masses: When testicular pain is persistent and does not go away within two weeks, it is time to see a Urologist. Any masses, firmness or nodules on the testicles should be examined by a urologic specialist, due to the chance of testicular cancer.

What is a male private part doctor called?

If needed, your GP or PCP can refer you to a urologist for specialized diagnosis and treatment. Urologists are specifically trained in penile, testicular, and genital health, so they can offer individualized information about treatment and prevention.

Do nurse practitioners perform testicular exams?

Nurse Practitioners do think that testicular self-examination is an effective screening method to detect testicular cancer. However, while practitioners believe they should teach the procedure to male patients, teaching inconsistently materializes in actual clinical practice.

What do you call a male Gynaecologist?

It can be considered as the male version of gynaecology. ... The physicians who specialize in treating men's reproductive-related issues are known as Andrologists. Urologists, who specialize in male and female urinary system related problems, can also specialize in Andrology.

What does a urologist do for males?

A urologist deals with health issues of the male urinary tract – the genitourinary area – and the male reproductive system. They are trained to deal with diseases that involve the kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder, and male reproductive organs.

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