Is being a dog trainer a good career?

Is being a dog trainer a good career?

Is being a dog trainer a good career?

Dog training can be a viable part-time career option, allowing the trainer to keep the security of working a full-time day job while offering training services on nights and weekends. Once demand reaches a sufficient level, the trainer can make the transition from a part-time job to a full-time career.

Is being a dog trainer profitable?

On average, our locations bring in $337,856* in annual revenue and report a year-over-year growth rate of 92.6%*. With the average investment coming in at $162,250, it's easy to see how Dog Training Elite offers the possibility of high returns.

Where do dog trainers get paid the most?

Highest paying cities for Dog Trainers in United States

  • Seattle, WA. 13 salaries reported. $24.51. per hour.
  • Miami, FL. 14 salaries reported. $20.96. per hour.
  • Denver, CO. 16 salaries reported. $18.97. per hour.
  • Los Angeles, CA. 37 salaries reported. $18.42. per hour.
  • Chicago, IL. 20 salaries reported. $15.41. per hour.

Is it hard to become a dog trainer?

Being a dog trainer is a lot of hard work, a lot of hours of not getting paid as you're learning, and a lot of grunt work at the beginning. ... If anyone says "you can be a dog trainer in one year" is setting you up to fail. Of course, there are exceptions and they are working their tushes off.

What are the disadvantages of being a dog trainer?

Disadvantages of Being an Animal Trainer

  • Animal trainers don't make a lot of money.
  • You may even need a second job to pay your bills.
  • Old-age poverty may be a problem.
  • You will be replaceable.
  • Rather questionable future job prospects.
  • You will not learn many hard skills.
  • Difficult to switch fields as an animal trainer.

Is being a dog trainer stressful?

However, people often call a dog trainer only when they have a problem on their hands. This might mean working with reactive dogs or those with separation anxiety or other issues. It can be stressful and challenging trying to help owners work through such issues, and happy endings are never guaranteed.

How can I make a career out of dog training?

7 Tips for Starting a Career in Dog Training

  1. Take a lot of dog-training classes. First, take a lot of dog-training classes and train your own dogs to a high level of fluency. ...
  2. Do your research.
  3. Find a mentor. ...
  4. Head back to school. ...
  5. Balance yourself. ...
  6. Network. ...
  7. Be curious — and persistent. ...
  8. Take it slow.

Who is the richest Dog Trainer in the world?

Cesar Millan Net Worth
Net Worth:$25 Million
Date of Birth: (52 years old)
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)
Profession:Presenter, Author, Canine Professional, TV Personality, Writer, Motivational speaker, Dog trainer

How much does a canine trainer make?

The average salary for a full-time dog trainer in the United States is $61,387, and the median salary is $45,000. The average hourly rate (including part-time trainers) is just over $50/hr.

What is the average salary of a dog trainer?

  • An early career Dog Trainer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $11.48 based on 268 salaries. A mid-career Dog Trainer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $12.78 based on 108 salaries.

How much does a police dog trainer earn?

  • There are no specific salary statistics for police dog trainer wages; however, according to 2018 data from the BLS, the median salary for all animal trainers was $29,290 . Salaries depend on your experience and geographical location, as well as what kinds of specialty certifications you have earned.

How many hours do dog trainers work?

  • Dog trainers who work with service and working dogs usually work 37 hours a week, Monday to Friday. This is likely to include some night training. Domestic dog trainers usually run blocks of day, evening and weekend classes. Many work part time.

How much money do dog groomers make?

  • Average salary. A professional dog groomer’s salary depends on experience, skill level, location, as well as the amount of dogs groomed per day. In general, groomers can expect to earn between $25,000 and $45,000 (USD) per year.

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