Is it OK for a doctor to smoke?

Is it OK for a doctor to smoke?

Is it OK for a doctor to smoke?

With their detailed knowledge of the risks of smoking, it's not surprising that most doctors and other medical professionals usually don't smoke. But some do, despite many having first-hand experience of its dangers. ... However, some doctors and nurses continue to smoke.

How many doctors smoke in the world?

On a high note, the majority of the physicians (57.45%) in the study reported never being smokers. However, too many revealed that they are current smokers (27.83%). Of those, physicians in specialty training for surgery proved to have the most smokers (39.62%). BE

Why do healthcare workers smoke?

The most important reasons for smoking, in a rank order, were: a) habit (35.36%), b) nervousness (12.13%) and c) pleasure (11.11%); boredom and desire were rarely mentioned; only 7 (7.3%) stated addiction.

Are there any doctors or nurses that still smoke?

  • Medical professionals see the devastating effects of smoking first-hand, so many people are surprised to learn that some doctors and nurses still smoke. Doctors in particular have extensive knowledge of the ways in which smoking harms your health, but nurses have a lot of knowledge in the area too.

Why is it bad for a doctor to smoke?

  • Doctors smoke for any number of reasons. *Drug use that endangers patients or impacts the quality of medical professionals’ abilities to adhere to general standards of practice should not be tolerated, but smoking doesn’t fall under that category.

Can a doctor help a patient quit smoking?

  • Doctors and nurses can quit smoking using the same methods as everybody else, but they have the benefit of not only understanding the importance of quitting, but also having better access to medications to help with quitting smoking.

How many doctors in the United States smoke?

  • As a percentage, the figure may seem very low, but it represents almost 1 in 50 doctors in the US. This is still shockingly high for professionals with a detailed understanding of the health risks of smoking. Other estimates have put the figure at around 1%, but this is still a surprisingly high proportion.

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