What is the difference between pandemic Legacy Season 1 and 2?

What is the difference between pandemic Legacy Season 1 and 2?

What is the difference between pandemic Legacy Season 1 and 2?

While Season 1 has a set narrative each month, Season 2 lets players choose their own pace and direction. In terms of the major plot points, there are still fail-safes for those groups that fall behind or go off on a tangent.

How many times can you play pandemic Legacy Season 1?

In essence, that means Pandemic Legacy will eventually self-destruct. You'll only ever be able to play it so many times. The game is divided into 12 months, and you've only got two chances to win each month. The math is pretty easy; you only get between 12 and 24 chances to play this $70 game.

Do you need pandemic Legacy Season 1 to play Season 2?

Do you need to play Season 1 before you can play Season 2? No, Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 is a fully standalone game. There are elements of the storyline that connect the two games, but you're not required to own or have played Season 1.

Is pandemic Legacy Season 0 the last one?

Third and final instalment in the acclaimed trilogy. ... Co-designers Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau have confirmed that Season 0 will be the last Pandemic Legacy game, telling Dicebreaker earlier this year that they approached the prequel as the definitive end to a planned trilogy and story.

What is the difference between pandemic Legacy Season 1 red and blue?

Is there a difference between the red and blue boxes? There is no difference other than the cover and the cover of the rulebook.

Which season of pandemic legacy is best?

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 It's hard to judge which of the first two Legacy games is best, since everyone's experience is going to be different, but we'd recommend going for Season 1 as a priority and moving on to Season 2 if your group is eager for more.

Can pandemic legacy be reused?

As long as you write everything permanent down, you can go back to any month and replay it. Use your log to keep track of things like which characters played, scars and relationships, funding levels, outbreaks, and permanent research stations.

Can you only play legacy games once?

Most legacy board games can only be played through once, and each playthrough is completely unique, as it's determined by its players.

Do I need to play pandemic legacy in order?

We recommend starting with Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, as it features the most similar gameplay to the Pandemic base game, but you can also start with Season 0, the prequel, and play through the three seasons chronologically. It's all up to your preference!

Can you play pandemic Legacy Season 0 First?

Designed as a prequel, Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 does not require you to have completed Seasons 1 and 2 before diving into this Cold War spy thriller.

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