What is considered a bad doctor?

What is considered a bad doctor?

What is considered a bad doctor?

Whether they are unsympathetic, brusque with patients, overworked, disrespectful of other doctors' opinions, a bad fit for the profession, or out of touch with the latest treatments and therapies, you (and your patients) should avoid these physicians like the plague.11-May-2016

Is it OK for a doctor to lie to a patient?

  • Patients are truthful to ensure diagnostic accuracy, and doctors provide full disclosure to help patients make informed decisions. But in some cases, physicians need to balance compassion with a patient's right to know. It’s never ok to lie or to mislead someone into thinking...

Why do doctors ask patients what they heard?

  • Asking patients what they heard is much more compassionate — and effective — than expecting them to admit that they didn't understand the information. Because so many people told us they want their providers to think highly of them, physicians need to find ways to make patients more comfortable admitting embarrassing behaviors.

Why is it important for doctors to tell the truth?

  • Ordinarily physicians and other providers are considered to be bound by obligations to the patient of respect for patient autonomy, acting for the benefit of the patient, and refraining from anything that would harm the patient. Truth-telling or honesty is seen as a basic moral principle, rule, or value.

How does a doctor help a patient with a problem?

  • By showing their own vulnerability, physicians help patients feel more comfortable admitting to less-than-ideal behavior, whether that’s eating too much or not exercising enough.

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