How do I know what derailleur to buy?

How do I know what derailleur to buy?

How do I know what derailleur to buy?

When buying a new rear derailleur be sure to match it with your drivetrain 'speed'. 10-speed drivetrains use narrower chains than 9-speed so you'll need a mech to match. Most rear mechs are made of a polymer and alloy mix but you'll find carbon fibre in top-end models to shave even more weight.

Do shifters and derailleurs have to match?

Rear derailleurs and shifters need to be compatible i.e. sram shifters, sram rear derailleur. Front derailleurs work really with any shifter. Besides that just make sure all the speeds are the same, i.e. 9 speed derailleur with nine speed cassette.

Can I use any front derailleur?

In addition, front derailleurs are made for either 7, 8, 9 or 10-speed chains, but they can often be used interchangeably. If you are using a different chain than your derailleur was made to work with, the degree of adjustment you can expect will be lower than with a matched set.

Do all bikes have derailleurs?

Most modern bikes are equipped with a derailleur gearing system - stay with me, we'll get to the terminology - where the chain runs between many different cogs.

What type of rear derailleur do I need?

your drivetrain capacity is the maximum amount of slack chain the rear derailleur cage can handle. The more potential slack, the bigger a derailleur cage you need. ... Meanwhile, if you are running a modern 1x11 or even a 1x12 with a very large top sprocket, then a medium cage derailleur is probably the way to go.

How do I choose a rear derailleur?

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Can you mix Shimano shifters and derailleurs?

Shimano derailleur compatibility Most 8- and 9-speed Shimano mountain bike and road kit is inter-compatible because they both use the same cable pull ratio. This means that you can use an 8 -or 9-speed mountain bike derailleur with road shifters or vice versa.

Can I use a 10 speed rear derailleur with 9 speed shifters?

leverage yes. pull is constant but different shifter means less pull needed for the 10 cogs. so it will work. YOU CANT USE A SRAM MECH WITH SHIMANO SHIFTERS AND YOU CANT USE A 10 SPEED MECH WITH 9 SPEED SHIFTERS.

Are all Shimano front derailleurs compatible?

Shimano road and MTB FDs have different cable pull ratio – that is the amount of FD movement for each mm of cable movement. ... Having said all this and in spite of officially different cable pull, all the FDs almost always work OK with all the shifters, regardless whether it is road, or MTB.

Will a 10-speed front derailleur work with 11 speed?

As for the front derailleur, a SRAM 10-speed road front derailleur will work acceptably with a SRAM 11-speed shift lever, but a front derailleur is perhaps the least expensive part of the drivetrain, and SRAM's 11-speed Yaw front derailleur is a significant improvement over its 10-speed predecessor.

What do rear derailleurs do on mountain bikes?

  • Posted in Cycle and tagged mountain bike, road. A rear derailleur (often referred to as a 'rear mech') is the mechanism that moves the chain from cog-to-cog on the cassette at the rear of the bike.

Can you use a rear derailleur with a standard Hanger?

  • If you have a standard mount rear derailleur, you can only use it with a standard mount hanger. If you have a direct mount hanger on the frame, you can only use with a direct mount derailleur with the b-link removed. Currently, SRAM does not offer any direct mount rear derailleurs, and always need to be mounted to a standard derailleur hanger.

Can you use road shifters on a rear derailleur?

  • For example, you couldn’t use a set of road shifters with a mountain bike rear derailleur. It bears mentioning that cable pull converters from brands such as JTek, and Lindarets/Wolf Tooth Components do exist and will allow you to mess about with your drivetrain configuration to your heart’s content.

What are the rules for rear derailleurs compatibility?

  • Compatibility between different speeds & brands of rear derailleur Broadly speaking there are a few simple rules with compatibility when it comes to derailleurs: It is appropriate that you run a derailleur that is compatible with the speed (number) of gears on your cassette (normally 9, 10 or 11 speed).

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