Do they give you biopsy results over the phone?

Do they give you biopsy results over the phone?

Do they give you biopsy results over the phone?

(Reuters Health) - Even though doctors have long been taught to deliver biopsy results in person, many patients may prefer the speed and convenience of a phone call, a recent study of U.S. dermatology clinics finds. BE

How are biopsy results given?

Biopsy analysis and results The sections are placed on glass slides, stained to enhance contrast and studied under a microscope. The results help your doctor determine whether the cells are cancerous. If the cells are cancerous, the biopsy results can tell your doctor where the cancer originated — the type of cancer.

Will my GP have my biopsy results?

Your GP, hospital consultant or practice nurse will give you your results and explain what they mean. A biopsy is sometimes inconclusive, which means it hasn't produced a definitive result. In this case, the biopsy may need to be repeated, or other tests may be required to confirm your diagnosis.

Do bad biopsy results take longer?

Once the sample is collected, it is sent to the lab for analysis to determine if the cells are cancerous. Generally, it takes about two working days to receive results, but it sometimes takes longer if additional testing is needed.

Is it normal to be sent an appointment for a biopsy?

  • Also, it is not unusual for you to be sent an appointment BEFORE the biopsy results have come back from the path lab. So, these are all good reasons not to panic that you've been given a face-to-face appointment. Has anyone had a good biopsy result by appointment?

Can a biopsy be done over the phone?

  • The radiographer (I think that's who carried out the biopsy) said that there is a chance that results would be given over the phone but not normally. I just hate this wait. I go though times of forgetting all about it then I get so freaked out thinking that I have cancer. I just wish I knew. Good luck to you both. I hope you get the all clear.

Can a doctor tell you over the phone?

  • Improve your health skill set with a scientific understanding of the effects of exercise on the body. They aren’t allowed to tell you over the phone. Some might do but technically this is illegal. Many doctors like to keep on top of things amd deal with test results as soon as they come back rather than wait for you to book another appointment.

When do doctors call to discuss test results?

  • I call patients to come in to discuss the results of a test when the explanation or treatment maybe more complicated than a phone call could manage.Also it's usually helpful to have someone else there to go over the results so you have two sets of ears listening. A normal test result wouldn't usually require conversation.

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