Does Yuki get pregnant in Vampire Knight?

Does Yuki get pregnant in Vampire Knight?

Does Yuki get pregnant in Vampire Knight?

Even after becoming a vampire again, Yuki's personality remains largely unchanged. After Kaname sacrifices his heart to the furnace that creates anti-vampire weapons, Yuki gave birth to a daughter that she conceived with Kaname and sometime later, another child with Zero.

Does Yuki get pregnant in the anime?

After she nearly attacks Yori due to blood-lust, she finds afterwards that she is pregnant with Kaname's daughter and resolves to live, for him and their child. Kaname and Yuki's love for each other remains unchanged through out Vampire Knight Memories.

Who is the father of Yuki's children?

Ai Kuran (玖蘭 愛, Kuran Ai) is the only daughter of Kaname Kuran and Yuki Kuran who is also the last Pureblood of the Kuran family. She appears at the end of Chapter 93 with her younger half-sibling to give Yuki's final message to Kaname when he wakes up from his 1000-year slumber.

Does Yuki and Kaname sleep together?

Pretty much Yuuki is revealed to be a true blood vampire, and is sister to Kaname. Kaname has sex with her ( which we find out in this chapter got her pregnant ). Kaname throws his heart in a furnace, and tells Zero and Yuuki he wishes that they get together. After this Kaname goes into a deep sleep.Jum. AH

Who does Yuuki end up with?

After the war and a thousand years later, it was seen that Zero and Yuki ended up together. They raised two daughters, the oldest one being Kaname's daughter. Ai and Ren are the result of this love triangle.

Who did Yuki have a child with?

Yuuki has children with both Kaname and Zero. She has one daughter with Kaname, Ai Kuran, and one daughter with Zero, Ren Kiryu.Rab. AH

Does Zero and Yuki have a child?

Yuki Kuran and Zero Kiryu are one of the main romantic couples in the Vampire Knight series. They have a daughter named Ren Kiryu.

Does Zero Kiryu have a kid?

Ren Kiryu (錐生 恋, Kiryū Ren), or Ren Kuran (玖蘭 恋, Kuran Ren), is the only daughter of Yuki Kuran and Zero Kiryu who is a Aristocrat due to her mother being a Pureblood vampire and her father being an ex-human vampire.

Who is better with Yuki zero or Yuuki?

  • Yuuki seems much more comfortable around Zero than Kaname. She gets flustered around Kaname, whereas with Zero, she feels like she can be herself. Yuki seems more sad with Kaname then with Zero, especially after coming to live with him. Comparatively, Zero seems happier when he is with Yuuki.

How many children does Yukki have in the manga?

  • Yukki had two children in the manga. They are girl and guy. The girl is Kaname child. The guy is Zero child. After Kaname throw his heart in the furnace. Yukki go with Zero. She give birth to Kaname child. Zero act like father to the child. Then Yukki give birth to Zero child.

What does Yuki say to zero in Vampire Knight?

  • She also blurts out that vampires and humans aren't suited for each other, something she immediately regrets saying in fear of offending Zero. However, in response Zero gives Yuki a gun used to kill vampires, telling her to kill him when the day comes and he loses control.

How does zero feel about Kaien and Yuki?

  • He seems incredulous at Kaien and Yuki's stance on the vampire race. When Zero began to panic, fearing his transformation into a vampire, he accidentally lashed out and hurt Yuki. When he found himself attracted to the smell of her blood to his shock, he swore to the Chairman that he needed to become stronger.

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