Is Yuna a love interest?

Is Yuna a love interest?

Is Yuna a love interest?

Yuna is the secondary protagonist in Final Fantasy 10 as well as the main protagonist in Final Fantasy 10-2. She is the love interest to Tidus. She is the daughter to Lord Braska, who defeated Sin 10 years ago, bringing the Calm.

Are they going to make a Ghost of Tsushima 2?

A Ghost Of Tsushima 2 release date isn't expected to be announced any time soon – in fact Sucker Punch hasn't even confirmed a sequel is coming. However, if it is in the works, a good release date for the game would be sometime between 20 – although this is speculation.

Can you play as Yuna in Ghost of Tsushima?

Many of them even market the game using the celebrity's face and name recognition. While Ghost of Tsushima does this for some of its cast, Yuna is not one of them. Yuna is played by Sumalee Montano, who's lent her voice to countless works over the years.

What is the true ending of Ghost of Tsushima?

Jin eventually finds himself abandoning his code and taking on the way of the Ghost as he sacrifices everything to save the island of Tsushima. In doing so, Jin saves the island but loses any connections to it he used to have.

Does Yuna have feelings for Jin?

Toward the end of the game, we can see Yuna become even more empathetic, caring, and compassionate for Jin. She ends the game reuniting with him and is concerned about his whereabouts. It's safe to assume that she likely looks at Jin like a new family member.

Do Yuna and Tidus break up?

Yuna had previously told Chuami that Tidus is her boyfriend, but when Chuami and Kurgum eavesdrop on the conversation between the two it seems they are breaking up. ... Tidus asks who it is, but Yuna tells him it's someone he doesn't know and leaves. Kurgum tells Chuami they should split up because he's in love with Yuna.

Will Ghost of Tsushima 2 be on PS4?

Release date and platforms The director's cut of Ghosts of Tsushima will release just a year after the original released, and it will hit shelves worldwide on Aug. As well, the game is going to be available on the PS4 and the PS5, but the latter is going to offer some exclusive PS5 features.

Do Yuna and Jin end up together?

4 Jin And Yuna Might Never Get Together For most of the game, it seems like Jin and Yuna teeter between being friends, and becoming more. There are moments where they look like they like one another, and there's even a missed kissing opportunity. However, she and Jin becoming a thing seems unlikely.

Who plays Yuna in Ghost of Tsushima?

Sumalee Montano is the voice of Yuna in Ghost of Tsushima, and Yu Mizuno is the Japanese voice.

What did the black wolf do to Taka and Yuna?

After defeating more Mongol enemies, The Black Wolf shows his face and confesses that Taka was his “favorite,” and tries to make Yuna feel even more guilty by saying he recalls that Yuna brought Taka to him.

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