Why does my basset hound stink so bad?

Why does my basset hound stink so bad?

Why does my basset hound stink so bad?

Basset Hounds smell bad because they are low to the ground and their fur gets dirty very easily. Plus, their saliva, food, and sweat get trapped in their skin folds which produces a body odor over time. On top of that, each dog has that doggie odor due to the genetic makeup of a dog.

Which dog is the most smelly?

Bloodhound. Much like Basset Hounds, Bloodhounds are known for their intense smell. Because of their loose skin and folds, they are consequently subject to horrible odors. Additionally, Bloodhounds are prone to allergies and infections in both their ears and skin, which is another cause of the undesirable smell.

How often should basset hounds be bathed?

Here are some general guidelines: Bathing once a month works for most dogs. Dogs with oily coats, like Basset Hounds, may need bathing as frequently as once a week. Many short-haired breeds with smooth coats, such as Beagles and Weimaraners, do just fine with less frequent baths.

What is the life expectancy of a basset hound?

10 – 12 years Basset Hound/Life expectancy

Why does my hound dog stink?

Basset Hounds have many skin folds on their body. It may be why you consider Bennie to be so cute! This means that when Bennie has saliva, food, sweat, or water drip on his coat, it will get caught in his skin folds. The skin folds on Basset Hounds will hold any and all substances, which produces a body odor.

Why do Basset Hounds smell so bad?

  • Some scent hounds like the the bloodhound and basset hound have lots of skin folds. When these dogs drool, their saliva tends to get trapped in their wrinkles and dewlaps which can cause odors. On top of that, their skin folds trap water, food and moisture which can predispose these dogs to skin conditions that can cause unpleasant odors.

Why do Basset Hounds smell like corn chips?

  • Basset Hounds are not the only dogs that smell like corn chips, which you may already know. Yet, you may now be wondering why your dog has such an odd odor! This corn chip aroma comes from a natural bacteria called Proteus or Pseudomonas that is produced from sweat.

How often should I bathe my basset hound?

  • Bathing once in a month works good for most of the dogs. If your dog has an oily coat, like Basset Hounds, it will need bathing as frequently as once a week. Many smooth coat dog breeds with short-haired, such as Weimaraners and Beagles , do just fine with less frequent baths.

Why do Basset Hounds have such big ears?

  • Because they were originally bred to be hunting dogs, many of the features of the Basset Hounds have a purpose. Their long, low-set ears drag the ground and pick up scents, while the loose skin around their heads form wrinkles that further capture the scent of whatever they are tracking. See Full Answer.

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