How long do concussions last?

How long do concussions last?

How long do concussions last?

Approximately 80 percent of concussions resolve over seven to 14 days, with an average of 10 days. People with concussions should never return to sports or other physical activity sooner than one week from sustaining the injury.

Do concussions just go away?

In some cases, the effects of a concussion go away within days of the injury. In others, symptoms may continue for a few months. Fortunately, a concussion is temporary. Even when symptoms stay for months, they do go away over time.

How do I know if my concussion is gone?

A doctor will consider you healed when:

  1. You have no more symptoms.
  2. You regain all your memory and concentration.
  3. You have no symptoms after jogging, sprinting, sit-ups, or push-ups.

Can you self treat a concussion?

If you're experiencing less dangerous but still serious symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, or notable balance problems, it's not a bad idea to see a medical professional. Otherwise, most concussions can be treated at home, at least for the first three weeks.

Will a mild concussion go away?

In most people, symptoms occur within the first seven to 10 days and go away within three months. Sometimes, they can persist for a year or more. The goal of treatment after concussion is to effectively manage your symptoms.

Is it bad to ignore a concussion?

Even though your concussion may be mild, its effects can be serious. If you ignore the symptoms, your condition could get worse. That's why you need to see our team at Neurology Consultants of Arizona as soon as possible if you think you have a concussion.

How long does a concussion last untreated?

Some people have symptoms for longer — up to three months. Concussive symptoms typically resolve in seven to 10 days (sports-related concussions) or within three months (non-athletes) (Epps and Allen, 2017). If symptoms don't resolve after three months, they probably won't go away without therapy.

How long does it take for a brain to heal after a concussion?

  • Healing or recovering from a concussion takes time and may take weeks or even months. Headaches, dizziness, irritability and concentration problems may be observed. Depending on the severity of the brain involvement, the symptoms of a concussion could last for a few days to as long as 3-4 weeks.

What is the healing process for a concussion?

  • Recovery time from a concussion is usually based on the severity of the concussion, and typically ranges from resting for a few minutes to resting for a month with careful observation for the development, return, or worsening of symptoms during the rest period.

What is the prognosis for a concussion?

  • The overall prognosis for patients with concussions is good. With minimal intervention and a proper diagnosis, a large majority of patients who sustained a single concussion/ mTBI will recover within hours or days with no lasting ill effects. Generally 85-90% of individuals with concussion/mTBI recover within a 30-day window from the time of injury.

What is treatment for mild concussion?

  • Many people with a concussion will be admitted to the hospital overnight, to ensure that their condition is stable. Generally for a mild injury, concussion treatment may include rest, avoiding strenuous activities and taking pain medications as needed.

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