Does ADHD cause you to Overshare?

Does ADHD cause you to Overshare?

Does ADHD cause you to Overshare?

Yes, ADHD people can be prone to blurting things out, oversharing, TMI – as in talking with what seems to be “no limit” or “no filter”.

Why do I Overshare a lot?

02/9​They are often desiring very much to connect with someone. Often, such people are very lonely in their lives. Whatever reasons may be behind this, they are constantly looking to connect with someone. Their anxiety combined with loneliness makes them a big tell-all.

Does ADHD make you say things you don't mean?

People with untreated ADHD have a tendency to speak before they think and often say things that are considered rude either because of how they were said or their content. This is related to a lack of impulse control and can often be improved with either medication or mindfulness training.

How are people with ADHD different from other people?

  • People with ADHD often share certain positive features than the average person such as being more creative, greater problem solving ability, sense of humor, notorious resilience and adaptability as well as enhanced intuition. But despite these, that have some challenges that they face…

Why do people with ADHD feel overwhelmed by life?

  • Why People with ADHD Are Overwhelmed. People in the ADHD world experience life more intensely, more passionately than neurotypicals. They have a low threshold for outside sensory experience because the day-to-day experience of their five senses and their thoughts is always on high volume.

Can a person with ADHD have a deficit in attention?

  • Attention is never “deficit.” It is always excessive, constantly occupied with internal reveries and engagements. When people with ADHD are not in The Zone, in hyperfocus, they have four or five things rattling around in their minds, all at once and for no obvious reason, like five people talking to you simultaneously.

Why do people with ADHD not learn from experience?

  • If people with ADHD don’t know what they’re doing right, they don’t do more of it. They don’t learn from experience. The inability of the ADHD mind to discern how things are going has many implications: Many people with ADHD find that the feedback they get from other people is different from what they perceive.

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