Do colleges look at volunteer work?

Do colleges look at volunteer work?

Do colleges look at volunteer work?

College admissions officers love to see students who are passionate leaders, and volunteering is a great way to gain some leadership experience. Instead of merely completing the mandatory service hours that may be required by your high school, take the time to research a cause that inspires you.

Do colleges want to see volunteer hours?

1 answer. Colleges (especially prestigious ones) really want to see you put in effort into your community. As a rough guideline, hours is going to sound impressive to colleges and show that you are committed to helping your community. Animal shelters, hospitals, elderly homes, and food banks are great places.

How do colleges show volunteer hours?

A spreadsheet or table is probably the best way to track your community service hours. Community service hours are basically reported by honor code—as long as it seems realistic to the amount of time you had, a college isn't going to dig deeper into anything. Definitely don't lie though!

Is there an average number of volunteer hours at a college?

  • But unlike, grade point averages and standardized test scores, colleges do not the average number of volunteer hours. VolunteerCrowd reviewed hundreds of undergraduate admission pages.

Why do colleges want you to do volunteer work?

  • Colleges want to admit people who will change the world, and leaders have a better chance of doing this. Over 50% of admissions officers thought that having a founding or leading role in your volunteer work was the most important quality that you could show them.

What can you do with your volunteer time?

  • Think of any number describing your volunteer time as a supporting point to your narrative: “You can share your interests and who you are outside of the classroom in the activities section. You can share information about things like work, hobbies, clubs, and community engagement.

Is it possible to have too many community service hours?

  • Two-thirds of college admission officers say that it’s not possible to have too many community service hours. As long as it’s not affecting your grades or other parts of your life, you can volunteer to your heart’s content. But the opposite is also true.

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