How many Zhu Zhu pets are there?

How many Zhu Zhu pets are there?

How many Zhu Zhu pets are there?

Zhu Zhu Pets are cute litte hamsters. There were nine original hamsters. they are Jilly, Nugget, Mr Squiggles, Scoodles, Winkie, Pipsqueak, Chunk, Numnums, and Patches. You just press a button on its back to turn it on and off.

When were Zhu Zhu Pets discontinued?

20, a safari line called Zhufari, a line of ponies called Zhu Zhu Ponies, and four Happy meal toys were released that were based on Quest for Zhu that were only sold in some countries excluding The U.S. The franchise was quietly discontinued sometime in 2013.

How much are Zhu Zhu pets worth?

Zhu Zhu Pets are no longer scarce, and tend to sell for their suggested retail price or less. However, some characters or accessories can be harder to find than others. Typical costs: Zhu Zhu Pets sell for $8-$15 each, depending on the model/character.

What is the rarest Zhu Zhu Pets?

Super Rare

  • Louie is the only Zhu-Fari that's Super Rare.
  • All Denmark/Finland Zhus are Super Rare.
  • Go Go Pets Patches is the only Super Rare sold in the US.
  • All Wave 3 Zhu Zhu Puppies are Super Rare (Strawberry, Bernie, etc.)
  • Tekla and Abrams are the only Kung Zhus that are Super Rare.

What are the names of all the ZhuZhu Pets?

  • The name comes from Mandarin zhūzhū ( Chinese: 猪猪 ), meaning "little pig." In late 2009 Cepia employed only 16 people in the U.S. and 30 in China. The original ZhuZhu Pets are nine different characters, with names including Chunk, PipSqueak, Mr. Squiggles, and Num Nums. There are various accessories for creating customized hamster habitats.

When does Zhu Zhu Pets to the rescue come out?

  • Zhu Zhu Pets: Pets to the Rescue was planned for release on the Nintendo 3DS in 2013 but cancelled for unknown reasons. On Septem, the franchise's first full-length feature film Quest for Zhu was released straight-to-DVD.

When did Polly and the ZhuZhu Pets come out?

  • Zhu Zhu Pets was rebooted when an animated series, now known as The ZhuZhus, debuted as "Polly and the ZhuZhu Pets" on Septem on the Disney Channel in the United States. Starting February 2017, Spin Master showcased the ZhuZhu Pets franchise in a toy fair with new toy designs, based more on the TV series.

Are there any non hamster Zhu Zhu Pets?

  • A clone of Zhu Zhu Pets emerged during 2010 called Furry Frenzies, which featured other animals. This inspired Zhu Zhu Pets to release non-hamster spinoff lines starting in 2011 when several dog breeds of Zhu Zhu Puppies were introduced. They are plush robotic puppies that move around and bark.

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