Do convey my wishes meaning?

Do convey my wishes meaning?

Do convey my wishes meaning?

1 verb To convey information or feelings means to cause them to be known or understood by someone. (=communicate)

How do you say convey your wishes?

'Give My Regards' synonyms

  1. Send [someone] my best.
  2. Send [someone] my best regards.
  3. Send [someone] my greetings.
  4. Give [someone] my best wishes.
  5. Pass on my greetings to [someone].
  6. My best to [someone].
  7. All the best to [someone].
  8. Send [someone] my compliments.

What can I say instead of convey my wishes?

convey my wishes synonym | English Thesaurus

  • 1 bear, bring, carry, conduct, fetch, forward, grant, guide, move, send, support, transmit, transport.
  • 2 communicate, disclose, impart, make known, relate, reveal, tell.
  • 3 (Law) bequeath, cede, deliver, demise, devolve, grant, lease, transfer, will.

What is the best way to convey birthday wishes?


  1. “I'm so grateful you came into the world because you make my world better every day. ...
  2. “Thanks for you being you and being mine.”
  3. “It's your day, and I can't wait to celebrate it with you.”
  4. “I hope your birthday is the happiest.”
  5. “Happy Birthday, Beautiful.”
  6. “Wish you were here for me to spoil today.”

Will convey your regards?

What does “convey my regards” mean? “Convey my regards” just signifies “send my good tidings” to someone else who isn't essential for the continuous discussion. It is normally utilized as an end comment to pass on respectfulness and friendship through language.

How do you use the word convey in a sentence?

Convey sentence example

  1. I'll convey your message. ...
  2. He didn't convey his conclusions to us. ...
  3. It took me thirty minutes to convey everything that was happening. ...
  4. It was a point she would have to tactfully convey to Roxanne. ...
  5. She sent your gifts and said to convey her news of a child.

How do you convey wedding wishes?

Casual Wedding Wishes

  1. "Best wishes!"
  2. "Congratulations!"
  3. "Congratulations on your wedding!"
  4. "We're/I'm so happy for you!"
  5. "Wishing you lots of love and happiness."
  6. "We/I love you. Congrats!"
  7. "Lots of love today and beyond."
  8. "Here's a little something to start your life together." (If you're including a gift.)

Which word is the best synonym for convey?


  • communicate,
  • conduct,
  • give,
  • impart,
  • spread,
  • transfer,
  • transfuse,
  • transmit.

What is a unique way to wish a friend happy birthday?

Wishing you many more years of good health and prosperity. Thank you for living your life in a way that makes every day worth celebrating. Happiest of birthdays! Even though celebrations might look a bit different this year, you're always the life of the party—over Zoom, and all.

How to convey good wishes to a person?

  • Please convey my good wishes to a particular person. (The someone can be a person's name or a pronoun. See also Say hello to someone (for me ).) Alice: Good-bye, Fred. Give my best to your mother. Fred: Sure, Alice. Good-bye. Tom: See you, Bob. Bob: Give my best to Jane.

How to convey your message to your customers?

  • Convey Your Message Effectively Once you grab their attention, tell them about your products or services. Again, the thrust should not be on how you will provide your services or product but what benefits they gain from it.

What's the best way to communicate your message?

  • The more effectively you convey your message, the better the rapport that you build with your customers. Communicate the benefits of your products or services in figures wherever possible; something like “50% more for the same price as the competition”. There are many ways to communicate your marketing message.

What are my best wishes for the new couple?

  • Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together. May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy. We are excited to see you two become a family! I’m glad to congratulate you on such an important and meaningful event. May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine!

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