Has any contestant become a Mastermind?

Has any contestant become a Mastermind?

Has any contestant become a Mastermind?

Jonathan Gibson, from Glasgow, breaks a Mastermind record set almost 30 years ago, with his niche specialist subject knowledge. A 24-year-old student has become the youngest person ever to win Mastermind since the quiz show began almost 50 years ago.

What is the highest Mastermind score?

41 points The highest overall Mastermind score is 41 points, achieved by Kevin Ashman in 1995.

Who is the winner of Mastermind 2021?

Jonathan Gibson Mastermind 2021 winner: Jonathan Gibson.

What is the mastermind record?

41 points The highest overall Mastermind score is 41 points, set by Kevin Ashman in 1995, his specialist subject being "The Life of Martin Luther King Jr." Ashman went on to become six times IQA world champion.

Who is the 2021 Mastermind champion?

Jonathan Gibson Jonathan won in 2021 with the subject 'Flanders & Swann'.

Who is the youngest winner of Mastermind?

Jonathan Gibson Jonathan Gibson, a student from Glasgow, has been crowned the youngest ever champion of Mastermind. Gibson scored a perfect 11 out of 11 on his specialist subject, the comedy song-writing duo Flanders and Swann. He told BBC Breakfast he had used the trophy to hold sweets that he was given at Christmas.

Who won Mastermind final tonight?

A 24-year-old student has become the youngest-ever winner of Mastermind. Jonathan Gibson, from Glasgow, won by four points in the Grand Final – scoring a perfect 11/11 in his specialist subject on comedy songwriting duo Flanders and Swann.

Who won Mastermind 2020?

Jonathan Gibson BBC One's Mastermind final tonight saw Jonathan Gibson, a 24-year-old student from Glasgow, crowned the youngest ever Mastermind Champion since the show began in 1972.

What age is 2021 Mastermind champion?

“I wouldn't say that it really has anything to do with intelligence in a classical way. It's about curiosity and just continuing to do quizzes whenever you can,” says the 24-year-old, who was crowned as Mastermind champion 2021 on the last ever episode to be hosted by John Humphrys.

Who are the celebrity contestants on Master Minds?

  • Three celebrity contestants, Ken Jennings, Muffy Marracco, and Johnathan Corbblah face off against mere mortals in "Masterminds," hosted by Brooke Burns.

Who was the winner of the 2019 mastermind?

  • Mastermind has found itself in the middle of a bit of trouble after the 2019 winner of the series was crowned for allegedly giving a ‘wrong’ answer. Judith Lewis, 59, took home the coveted crystal bowl for winning the series, after answering a question that has divided many over whether it was right or wrong.

How many questions did Judith pass on Mastermind?

  • Ian passed on two questions, whereas Judith only passed on one. Mastermind is now available on BBC iPlayer. Got a showbiz story?

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