Are conduits spec specific?

Are conduits spec specific?

Are conduits spec specific?

It will now always pick conduits that fit your spec including generic covenant ones. So if you have all your conduits at 239 now and start using it after the change goes live tomorrow, it will only find your spec and covenant ones to upgrade further to 252.

Does loot spec affect conduits?

Loot from most sources will drop for any specialization your class can play, regardless of your choice of Loot Specialization. Specifically for Shadowlands content, this applies to: Conduits.

Are conduit drops spec specific?

With that in mind, conduits will drop for every specialization a class can play. While receiving a drop for another specialization can be frustrating, characters will eventually be able to unlock all their available Conduits as time goes on.

Can you have the same Soulbind for different specs?

You can set your soulbinds per spec, and it will auto swap to that soulbind when you change specs (just like transmog, item sets, etc) Your browser does not support the audio or video element.

Can you use other spec conduits?

Conduits will not change per spec, only paths do.

Can conduits be changed?

The higher item level Conduit will replace the lower one. You can also manually upgrade your Conduits by purchasing an item from Ve'nari, an NPC found in The Maw.

How does loot specialization work?

Loot Specialization is a feature introduced in Patch 5.3 which allows players to set the loot priority for their character to favor a particular specialization. This loot priority setting only affects bonus rolls, Raid Finder loot, World Bosses loot and Heroic Scenario loot.

How do I change my loot spec Shadowlands?

Open the Dungeon Journal, select a boss, and click the top button to select which loot spec you want to be set to for that boss. The bottom button is where you can set your preferred default loot spec.

Are conduits 100% drops?

Its not 100%. Got zero conduits today as a DK clearing first 6 bosses on Mythic. Supposedly it's 5 conduits per boss(on mythic) spread across the people that still need conduits.

Are conduits on a separate loot table?

Conduits are personal loot and are class-based, meaning you don't need to set your loot spec.

Are there any changes to conduits in Shadowlands?

  • Following the latest development update on Conduits, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas clarified on Twitter that Conduits will be static and won't change based on your specialization. Let's say you main a Protection Paladin and decide to switch to Retribution.

What does the item level of a conduit read?

  • At the highest Item Level, Rank 15, the Conduit would read: Successfully interrupting an enemy with Counterspell reduces its cooldown by 6.0 sec . Ranks will drop based on the Item Level of the Conduit.

How many conduits does the Forge of bonds hold?

  • The Forge of Bonds runs on Conduit Energy. It can hold up to 10 charges of Conduit Energy. When you unlock the Forge, it will be fully charged. When you drop a Conduit into a slot, it consumes 1 charge of Conduit Energy. Conduit Energy recharges at a rate of 1 per day until it is full.

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