Is it possible for AI to have free will?

Is it possible for AI to have free will?

Is it possible for AI to have free will?

Looking closer into the essence of AI, there is no doubt it can never have free will. It cannot step outside of the system and decide against the algorithms nor the data it had been given. Unlike AI, human can generate data intentionally or unknowingly. BE

Why does free will not exist?

Newton's laws of physics simply don't allow for free will to exist – once a physical system is set in motion, it follows a completely predictable path. According to fundamental physics, everything that happens in the universe is encoded in its initial conditions. ... Therefore you have no free will. BE

Is there a test for free will?

Because the standards for being unable to predict one's future behaviour are both more precise and lower than those for thought or consciousness (whatever such standards might be), the Turing test for whether one regards oneself as possessing free will is self-administered. BE

Can we program free will?

The program's response to it, like any other input, has to show free will. It would have to be able to generate a state that is not completely explained by anything coming before this state. One way to simulate the illusion of free will is to have a broken or buggy program, but that only stimulates free will. BE

Can free will exist?

At least since the Enlightenment, in the 18th century, one of the most central questions of human existence has been whether we have free will. In the late 20th century, some thought neuroscience had settled the question. In this context, a free-willed choice would be an undetermined one. ... BE

Why free will is not an illusion?

Many scientists think that free-will is an illusion. That is, intentions, choices, and decisions are made by subconscious mind, which only lets the conscious mind know what was willed after the fact. ... These experiments supposedly show that the brain makes a subconscious decision before it is realized consciously. BE

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