What are the major UPS hubs?

What are the major UPS hubs?

What are the major UPS hubs?

Main U.S. hubs: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Dallas, Texas; Ontario, California; and Rockford, Illinois. Canada: Hamilton, Ontario. Europe: Cologne, Germany; Bonn, Germany. Asia Pacific: Shanghai, China; Shenzhen, China; Hong Kong, China.

Where are the biggest UPS hubs?

The UPS Chicago Area Consolidation Hub, opened in 1995, is the largest land transport distribution center in the United States and the largest package sorting facility in the world. It acts as a large cross-docking facility sorting about 1.3 million parcels per day, which is roughly 10% of the UPS daily ground volume.

How many UPS distribution centers are there?

UPS's global supply chain solutions network includes 596 facilities and nearly 32.8 million square feet.

Why does my UPS package go through Kentucky?

  • Louisville KY is the main hub for air packages in the United States so anytime you have a package mailed or delivered via air it will probably be sent through KY then flown to the nearest airport. It doesn't. UPS is based out of Atlanta,GA not Kentucky so the guy below me is completely wrong.

How big is the UPS terminal in Louisville Ky?

  • The facility is 5.2 million square feet, with a perimeter of 7.2 miles making it larger than Minneapolis’ Mall of America. Louisville, Kentucky’s passenger terminal (3.3 million passengers/year) looks tiny next to UPS Worldport.

Where does ups deliver packages to Your House?

  • UPS delivers the package to your local post office and it is delivered to your house by your mail carrier. Go to ups.com to track it. What does UPSN mean? United Parcel Service United States (UPSN)

When does an air shipment go through Louisville?

  • The #1 reason it would go through Louisville is if it the service level is any type of air (1 Day - 1DA, 2 Day - 2DA, Early AM). All air shipments go through Worldport no matter where it is going or coming from including international shipments to.

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