How do you tell if a Coach purse is real or a knock off?

How do you tell if a Coach purse is real or a knock off?

How do you tell if a Coach purse is real or a knock off?

You should always check the zipper on a Coach purse to see if it has the letters “YKK” engraved in it. At least one zipper on the bag, sometimes just the one on the interior, should contain this lettering. If a Coach bag is missing any one of these elements, chances are it's probably a fake.

How can you tell if Coach is authentic?

Call Coach customer service at -3090 and give the representative your serial number. All authentic Coach bags are registered with the company in their database and the rep will be able to verify the bag's authenticity. You can also visit a Coach retail location.

How do you tell if a Coach purse?

Authentic Coach handbags should have the letters "YKK" on the zipper pull. Some may be found on the interior zipper but if it does not have that somewhere on the zipper, it's most likely a fake. Next, you need to check the authenticity tag. Make sure all the letters are capitalized, in english and are spelled right.

Do all Coach bags have YKK zippers?

Most authentic Coach purses use the zipper brand YKK– the highest quality of zippers available. So, look carefully at your zipper pull. If your bag is authentic, you will see the tiny letters 'YKK' on your zipper pull. Fake Coach purses do not have the YKK zippers.

Is the YKK mark on a coach bag?

  • The YKK zipper mark is not present on all Coach bags and purses. Some Coach bags may have YKK zippers, while other Coach bags may have no marks on the zippers or a different brand name mark.

Are there any coach bags that have plastic zippers?

  • Coach even has bags with plastic zippers- so they could match the exact shade of the color of your bag. Having a Coach bag with a plastic zip does NOT mean it’s fake.

Are there any fake coach bags out there?

  • The New York Times reported in December 2018 that investigators had seized fake luxury goods worth half a billion dollars. The knockoff handbags included Gucci, Tory Burch, Hermes, Coach, Burberry, Michael Kors, and Louis Vuitton. Check out these nine easy ways to know if your bag is authentic or not:

What kind of coach bags do not have a serial number?

  • Keep in mind that some Coach bags like the clutch, swingpack, and mini will not have a serial number. Bags from the 1960s will also not have a serial number, and bags from the 1970s and 1980s will have a serial number with only numbers, not letters and numbers like current bags.

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