Do Japanese like KPOP?

Do Japanese like KPOP?

Do Japanese like KPOP?

But the popularity of Korean culture and K-pop music is on the rise in Japan, with many fans and artists saying they are not bothered by the diplomatic tension. ... The three Japanese members of the girl band Twice helped make the group the second most popular act in Japan, after BTS.

What languages should a Kpop idol know?

Learning English appears to be the standard for most K-pop stars hoping to make it big, but some add other Asian languages too. is fluent not only in English, but Japanese and Mandarin. In one episode of Super Junior's Super TV Season 2, Key confessed that he wasn't very confident in speaking Mandarin.

Does Kpop popular in Japan?

According to a survey conducted in Japan in 2019, 39 percent of respondents considered K-pop to be very popular in Japan. The second largest group, at 29.6 percent, considered it to be only popular among a few people.

Is it important to learn Korean language to become a K-pop idol?

It helps to know some level of Korean. It is not a requirement to speak Korean. Remember, BlackPink's Lisa didn't speak Korean when she was a trainee. In fact, many K-pop entertainment companies allow all ethnicities and races to audition.

Who is the smartest K-pop idol?

RM of BTS was introduced to the public as the K-pop idol with an IQ of 148. The K-pop idol has often proved his intelligence. He scored in the top 1.3% nation-wide for his freshman high school exams and was also a member of the puzzle-solving TV show Problematic Men.

Which Kpop group is popular in Japan?

BTS become first K-Pop group in Japan to sell 1m album copies in 16 years.

Which Kpop group is famous in Japan?

The polls were taken separately between the male idols and female idols. Just as expected, BTS came in at number 1 in the male idol group chart while TWICE came in number 1 in the female idol group chart.

Is BTS V popular in Japan?

V took the first place with 19,730 votes in the 'Popular Male K-Pop Idol' poll conducted by the popular Japanese ranking site 'Nehan (音韓)' from the 9th to the 15th. With this, V achieved an amazing record of being number one for 20 consecutive weeks, proving that he is one of the most popular in Japan.

How well do K-pop idols speak Japanese?

  • The accent is slightly off but overall, they speak well. IU - She seems to have learned Japanese only through a textbook and not by actual conversation application. TWICE - They probably don't feel the need to put as much effort into learning Japanese since they have Japanese members in their group.

Why do K-pop groups make Japanese version of their songs?

  • It’s simple really. They make them because Japan is one of their home-bases of A.R.M.Y. They tend to make them because majority of their fans are living in japan. It’s also because the trading and marketing between the two countries are intense. The competition between k-pop and j-pop is also very high in demand.

Which is the best language for K-pop?

  • In global K-Pop market, not only English, but also other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French are strongly needed. For this reason, Some of 10 idols here were trained to learn a new language for several years in order to have activities abroad.

How many languages does amber from K-pop speak?

  • 3 Languages (Korean, English, Chinese) Amber is a Taiwanese American, so she speak fluent Chinese and English. Also, it’s been a quiet long time after she became K-Pop idol in Korea, so she is good at Korean, too.

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