Do Springs in Florida have alligators?

Do Springs in Florida have alligators?

Do Springs in Florida have alligators?

Alligators certainly come into springs. I grew up in DeLand Florida and in 2015 a 61 year old man was killed in Blue Springs by a very large gator. There are even videos on YouTube showing the alligator resting under a log in Blue Springs.

Are there alligators in the water in Florida?

  • Any body of fresh or brackish water in Florida potentially has an alligator in it, though they tend to be wary of people and usually retreat or keep their distance. If you see an alligator at a spring, if there has been a recent report of one, or there are “No swimming” signs up, then do not swim.

Are there alligators in Ginny Springs, FL?

  • There will almost certainly be alligators in the area near the springs. It's well within the habitat range of the American Alligator. There are alligators in almost all bodies of Florida.

Are there alligators in the Santa Fe Springs in Florida?

  • Absolutely! You can find Alligators in almost anybody of fresh/ brackish water in Florida. While it’s unlikely you’ll encounter a gator within the actual Springs ( the water is a bit too chilly) you’re very likely to see one or two if you chose to float down the Santa Fe.

What kind of Gators live in the Everglades?

  • The Florida Everglades’ most important and well represented predator is the alligator. Alligators are crocodilians in the genus Alligator of the family Alligatoridae. There are two alligator species: the American and the Chinese (Alligator sinensis).

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