Does Emma in my deepest secret have did?

Does Emma in my deepest secret have did?

Does Emma in my deepest secret have did?

In Episode 69, it was revealed that Emma met Elios during her childhood. ... However, in episode 87, this is later proved false, with Emma confirming that she merely hallucinated him and did things as him in her subconscious.

What happens in my deepest secret Webtoon?

My Deepest Secret documents the life of Emma Wilson, a young college student with a troubled past, as she explores a seemingly innocent romance with Elios, a mysterious, handsome boy with questionable morals. As she experiences newfound love, a series of strange events involving scandals, assaults, and death ensue.

Who is the author of My deepest secret?

Hanza Art Hanza Art is the creator and illustrator of My Deepest Secret on LINE Webtoon.

What happened to Elios in my deepest secret?

In Episode 69, it was revealed that Emma met Elios not after moving as she initially believed, but during her childhood. When they grew older, Emma presumably killed Elios in a stabbing incident one year ago on his alleged birthday.

How old is Elios my deepest secret?

20 years old Conversation between @my_deepest_secret_wiki, the official wiki Instagram account, and Hanza Art confirmed that Elios is 20 years old.

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