What do agnostics beliefs?

What do agnostics beliefs?

What do agnostics beliefs?

The premise of agnosticism is that humans do not have enough knowledge of the world, the universe, or the supernatural to claim the definite existence or non-existence of a supreme being. Agnosticism deals primarily with knowledge and evidence, rather than with beliefs.

What does the Bible say about agnostics?

  • The Bible declares that the existence of God can be clearly seen in the universe ( Psalm 19 :1-4), sensed in nature (Romans 1:18-22), and confirmed in our own hearts ( Ecclesiastes 3:11). Agnostics are unwilling to make a decision either for or against God’s existence. It is the ultimate “straddling the fence” position.

Do some atheists want to believe in God?

  • In line with the varied specific beliefs of atheists in the world, some atheists may actually wish a god did exist (but can't reconcile this with what they observe, such as the problem of evil), some would very much dislike the god portrayed in the Bible/Qur'an (etc.) and don't believe such a being could exist, some simply do not care, and many will fall somewhere in between.

Do Unitarians believe Jesus is the Son of God?

  • Most Unitarian Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and not God Himself (second part of the Trinity). Jesus never referred to himself as God in the Bible, only as the Son. Unitarians believe that this reference means that Christ is not the same as God, but is of God and in God.

What does God do atheists believe in?

  • An atheist denies the existence of God. As it is frequently said, atheists believe that it is false that God exists, or that God's existence is a speculative hypothesis of an extremely low order of probability. Yet it remains the case that such a characterization of atheism is inadequate in other ways.

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