Do adults with ADHD have affairs?

Do adults with ADHD have affairs?

Do adults with ADHD have affairs?

Some quick highlights: Most respondents said that their ADHD partners were very committed to the relationship. A small minority reported their ADHD partners having affairs. A small minority reported that they had affairs.

Do people with ADHD have a higher chance of cheating?

Adults with ADHD are also usually emotionally uninhibited, which can be attractive to others. This can lead to infidelity (see “Tame Temptation,” below). The upside is that, once an adult with ADHD makes a commitment, life won't be boring for his or her spouse.

Why do people with ADHD not pay attention?

  • People do not understand that it is connected to the way the ADHD brain is wired and that it is not due to laziness or being forgetful. People with ADHD can find it almost impossible to pay attention and stay on topic in conversations and meetings.

What happens to your mind when you have ADHD?

  • When people with ADHD are not in The Zone, in hyperfocus, they have four or five things rattling around in their minds, all at once and for no obvious reason, like five people talking to you simultaneously. Nothing gets sustained, undivided attention. Nothing gets done well. Many people with ADHD can’t screen out sensory input.

How are people with ADHD always told they are different?

  • Most people with ADHD have always known they are different. They were told by parents, teachers, employers, spouses, and friends that they did not fit the common mold and that they had better shape up in a hurry if they wanted to make something of themselves.

What are the symptoms of an adult with ADHD?

  • Some of the symptoms of adults with ADHD are: Adults with ADHD often crave a lot of stimulation and excitement, so they can't stand doing ho-hum, routine tasks like filling out paperwork. They can take longer to do these kinds of projects or often avoid doing them entirely.

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