What kind of adverb usually ends with ly?

What kind of adverb usually ends with ly?

What kind of adverb usually ends with ly?

Adverbs ending in -ly are usually adverbs of manner (slowly) and degree (completely, fairly). BE

What does ly at the end of a word mean?

The suffix -ly in English is usually a contraction of -like, similar to the Anglo-Saxon -lice and German -lich. It is commonly added to an adjective to form an adverb, but in some cases it is used to form an adjective, such as ugly or manly.

What words end with ly?

  • 21-letter words that end in ly. acrocephalosyndactyly. auriculoventricularly. interdenominationally. nonrepresentationally. clinicopathologically. psychophysiologically. dendrochronologically.

What words have ly in them?

  • 16 letter words containing ly. lymphangiography. trinitroglycerin. bureaucratically. circumspectively. circumstantially. chemonucleolysis. catastrophically.

What do adjectives end in ly?

  • Adverbs Ending in LY List in English accusingly actually adversely affectionately amazingly angrily anxiously arrogantly bashfully beautifully boldly bravely breathlessly brightly briskly carefully carelessly certainly cheaply cheerfully cleanly clearly cleverly closely clumsily coaxingly commonly compassionately conspicuously continually coolly correctly crisply crossly curiously daintily ...

What are all the Ly words?

  • 14-letter words that end in ly asynchronous ly conterminous ly mucilaginous ly cantankerous ly slaughterous ly overgenerous ly obstreperous ly unchivalrous ly preposterous ly infelicitous ly

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